You've got to question Pep Guardiola after Manchester City's 5-2 loss – Don Hutchison | ESPN FC

Not for the first time in recent history, Manchester City were run off their own pitch by Leicester City. Following a shocking 5-2 defeat to the Foxes, ESPN FC’s Dan Thomas poses a question to Steve Nicol and Don Hutchison: What’s changed from last season that should make anyone think Man City can catch Premier League title-holders Liverpool? Nicol and Hutchison both identify crucial weaknesses within Pep Guardiola’s squad, but neither is convinced we’re on our way toward another lopsided title race.

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47 Replies to “You've got to question Pep Guardiola after Manchester City's 5-2 loss – Don Hutchison | ESPN FC”

  1. I just came to see reaction " They will be not be qualify for UEL" and now after 6 months they regain title !! That's city for You

  2. Best manager in the world, dear oh dear, tippy tappy Pep Talk needs to spend millions more to get anywhere near Leicester.

  3. For over two years they playing the same style and making the same mistakes.They get a fast break and pass around the ball till the opponents defense are all back in numbers, frustrating to watch at times,Pep needs to wake up,they are way too predictable.

  4. Pep better up his game big-time; he is the best paid manager and must continue to prove he is worth every penny he is earning.

  5. Pep wanted to leave since last year…he even said Arteta could be his replacement! City made a mistake not letting him go…he wants out

  6. Already did from he at Bayern. YES, he is a good coach, but he had already fell off from he at Barça, for me, that was REAL reason he left, as he could not add anything more to the team which had started it's decline. Again, he IS a great coach but still overrated. He has failed on what he was hired to accomplish at every team he has been post Barça. XAVI needs the credit he deserves.

  7. Guardiola by far spends the most money and does what with it? He's always been highly overrated a beneficiary of Messi's ridiculous peak. He believes he's more important than the players, say no to that well listen to what players have said year in year or about his tactical tinkering before big games! He over analyzes things and does not exude confidence into his players. When it matters most (UCL) his anxious manner of Managing bleeds into his players and they always end up losing. People that believe he's the best in the world have read into Spanish/Barca media way too much. He's a great tactician, not a great coach, and even worse of a leader

  8. Most football pundits have become analyzers of the last result. There’s no real punditry anymore. You win a game, they’re all over your team and your future. You lose and it’s like you’ve not won before and can’t win again.

  9. Liverpool played poor defense against Leeds, but corrected the problem. It’s a no-brainer, Liverpool is the team to beat. Pep is the most overrated coach in Europe. The Barca team he inherited was possibly the greatest team ever fielded. After his long ago success with Barcelona, Pep went on to underachieve in UCL with both Bayern and Man City. Pep takes over league winning teams and mostly fails to make them better. I predict Liverpool will comfortably win the Premier League again.

  10. Mufc, Mcfc, chelsea all have good defenders but they suffer against pure defensive style of play and always concede on counter attacks. There is one way to turn this around which these managers havent figured out.

  11. City fan since I was a young lad and think Pep is a fraud. Any big game he gets the team sheet or tactics wrong. Fucks the champions league every year.

  12. It's just 3 games, even if you down by 6 points to any leader, it's very much catchable. Don't think Man City needs to worry too much.

  13. What? Question Pep, the football god now? Surely you jest! It's only been a decade since he was in a Champions League final!! He only needed $1 billion to win the EPL!

    He's just the most expensive Man City manager who has only been able to equal the work of Pellegrini and Mancini with a bigger budget.

    And yet Steve, the biggest moron pundit I've seen, still defends Pep Fraudiola because he's an idiot.

  14. Liverpool will win the league. (Coming from a City fan) We are shambles at the back and apparently this Spanish Tiki Taka doesn't work anymore in English soil! Fact!

  15. should question him b/c he spent 1 billion plus and didn't win anything more than what city and bayern were winning already prior to Pep's reign. Bayern managed to rebuild after Pep leaving and won the UCL before Pep does.

  16. Pundits when Ferguson' United losing to City 6-1 : he is a legend right!!! No problem

    Pundits when Klopp or Guardiola losing in this manner : Sack at once!!!

  17. Spot on, another tactical mistake by pep, he simply doesn’t have a defensive sense in tactics, mancini had the best defensive tactics for man city, also half man city players are not good enough

  18. Tiki taka is old fashioned. Soccer has always been more defensive than offensive, specially english style. Pep plays like he is winning 10-0, tiki taka is applied even when you are loosing and that's ridiculous.

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