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24 Replies to “Windows 10 – Connecting to Another Computer Over a Simple Network”

  1. I am still using Windows 8.1 PRO. Works great. Windows 10 is the worst piece of Malware / Spyware I have ever seen. Been using Window since 3.1 back in 1991, Novell Networking back then, and it is unbelievable how bad 10 is.

  2. Here is what I had to do to make it work on my two Windows 10 devices. You must undo all these settings after you're done or you'll possibly leave your device open to being compromised, which you're responsible for.

    • Go to Control Panel > Network and Internet > Network and Sharing Center

    o On the right side of the screen select "Change Advanced Sharing Settings
     Expand the tab "All Networks
    • Under "Public Folder Sharing" select "Turn on sharing so anyone…
    • Under "Password Protected Sharing" select "Turn off password protected sharing".
    • Do this for both devices

    • Go to the device you want to move files

    o Hit your windows key and type "View Network Computers and Devices" select it

    o You should then see both device. If you don’t give it up to 5 minutes to discover all the network devices.

    o Double click on the device you want to transfer files to.

     Navigate to the folder you want to transfer to and begin the transfer.

  3. I have concluded that Microsoft has taken the ability to network away from us. Hours and hours spent trying to do something that was easy on older versions of Windows and absolutely no results.

  4. I cannot "see" the desktop tower I am trying to access to adjust any settings. There must be a simpler way to access my files.

  5. WOW. i've ALREADY done all of that, so your video was a total waste of time… but my other computers still don't show up… Sooo care to make a vid that actually does what the title says?

  6. I'm afraid this tutorial is like so many others, but this one is worse than poor. Since it is the first tutorial that shows up in Google, and with all the dislikes here, It would seem like the author would have the good graces to remove it so a better tutorial would come up, saving thousands of people the time and trouble. Unfortunately some just like their video to be seen and couldn't care less about the consequences,

  7. homegroup has since been discontinued in Windows 10 – trying to figure out how they expect us to share files without homegroup

  8. Everytime that I try to connect it asks me for a password, but the other computers are running windows 7.

  9. I cant fucking acces my other computers because it prompts me to enter username and password. I use ny Microsoft credentials but it says it's wrong when it fucking isn't. Why the fuck is this alwayso fucking complicated

  10. to everyone bitching about it is a different interface, etc. first thing you must do while seeing any tutorial is CHECK THE FUCKING DATE!

  11. well your steps helped me alot i but from then i created a group i added my old computer and i sent the old folders excellent vid.

  12. FUcking Microsoft. I want to move a game from computer A to computer B. Microfucksoft removed usefull feature Homegroup as in the era of virtual clouds is redundant. FUCK YOU MICROSOFT YOU FUCKING PIECE OF SHIT. Making basic features absolute pain in the arse.

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