Why We Love B.A.P #39: The Confident Diva Kim Himchan

Credits for the subbed videos I’ve used go to fyeahbygsubs, BABYSPY subs, gomdorii, Powerrior subs, BAPsubbers (kpopobsessed07) and bapyessir.com!

As requested by Kira Yang’! The request won the poll with 41.18% of votes!

0:18-0:26 Ta-dah! It’s B.A.P members’ personal introduction
0:27-0:37 Ta-dah! It’s B.A.P Episode 6
0:38-0:41 Ta-dah! It’s B.A.P Episode 7
0:42-0:48 MNET Wide Open Studio (120301)
0:49-1:08 allkpop Live Stream (120605)
1:09-1:14 MTV The Show – Behind the Show (120511)
1:15-1:28 B.A.P Day (120804)
1:29-1:35 MBC Chuseok Special – Idol Wrestling Show (121001)
1:36-1:45 Miss & Mister Idol (121001)
1:46-1:57 500th Day Message to BABYs
1:58-2:47 Star Talk Interview (130717)
2:48-2:55 Super Junior Kiss The Radio (130824)
2:56-3:40 Mnet MPD’s MVP (130824)
3:41-3:49 K-STAR Lovers (131029)
3:50-4:14 Show Champion Backstage (130817)
4:15-4:26 Quiz to Change the World (130810)
4:27-4:48 M! Countdown Backstage – Close up (130916)
4:49-5:02 M-On! Korea On! Fighting! (131003)
5:03-5:35 MTV Behind The Show (131224)
5:36-6:04 MTV Behind The Show (131018)
6:05-6:25 Oricon Batsu Game and Interview (131120)
6:26-6:49 B.A.P Live on Earth Pacific Tour DVD
6:50-7:08 B.A.P Live On Earth Pacific Tour DVD – Special Memory in Japan
7:09-7:25 Ta-dah! It’s B.A.P Episode 10
7:29-8:20 Weekly Idol (130904)
8:21-8:23 One Shot Album Cover Shoot Making
8:24-8:42 TheStar B.A.P, “Chosen unanimously as ‘role model dols’, the BADMAN within the team”

Intro song: B.A.P – Stop It
7:25-7:29 B.A.P – S.N.S
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30 Replies to “Why We Love B.A.P #39: The Confident Diva Kim Himchan”

  1. 2:28 I felt sad when Daehyun voted Jongup as most handsome member, and Jongup replied 'Did you mishear the question? You're supposed to pick the handsome member.' 😭😭😭 I'm so happy Jongup is more confident these days. He is always #1 visual to me!!!

  2. i think im the only one thinking he is not the handsome man of the group. but that dude with his kim seokjin smile is

  3. "Zelo-ah, shoot him and kill him." hahahahaha attack robot Zelo and Youngjae being Youngjae… xD

  4. the company will never block it because my body is hot! himchan @ 7:06 um really boy? he is just too much! lol 😆

  5. There should be an unspoken rule that everyone acknowledges Himchan as attractive. Even if he's not exactly to your personal liking, you understand why he's seen as attractive by so many. Like, you don't have to personally find him attractive, but you'll acknowledge that he's a good looking person.

  6. I want the really confident diva Himchan back! I miss when he placed himself at the top in terms of visual and was so proud of himself too!

  7. I don't get why everyone is telling Himchan to lose weight. like he is perfect the way he is. considering that in the past he was overweight, they should be more considerate.

  8. This reminds me of my comment on one of Himchan's instagram or twitter. When he used to be really skinny then I commented get fat please and then now when they come back after the lawsuit he became so chubby XD

  9. This video is gold!!! My 'ikemen' Himchan <3 I loved the part where Zelo talks while Himchan also talks so Himchan turns to look at him and says -Shut up, curly hair XD XD #ikemenHimchan

  10. IF THIS BOY SAYS ONE MORE THING ABOUT GAINING WEIGHT OR NEEDING TO LOOSE WEIGHT I'M GOING TO PERSONALLY tell him to stop because he is a beautiful person and everyone should love him and he should be healthy.

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