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The Information in this video should not be used as a form of a diagnosis. I am not a professional doctor nor psychologist.

All information is speculative and used for entertainment purposes only.
For Shallon & Dangelo’s Fans and my viewers as well please refrain from hurtful comments and spreading misinformation.

As Stated in the video I am NOT going over the drama between Dangelo Wallace & Shallon Lester. I recommend not just going based on the thumbnail. I am only talking about the type of content she makes and the reason why she gets away with it. I am only covering the marketing psychology side of this situation.

EDIT: This video is not to bash anyone in anyway! And to answer your questions yes I’ve been following all of the recent updates however This is NOT what this video is about in anyway shape or form.

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  1. Your video was refreshing. Honestly, I like both Shallon & D'angelo…..but for COMPLETELY different reasons. I feel like humans are complicated & things are nuanced. I see nothing wrong with being a fan of both. And yes, some of the smart things Shallon does are often overlooked. Thank you for pointing this out. 💜

  2. She's not a genious and will never be, but she's authentic, and society has a problem with people that say what they think.

  3. Ohhh my gawd thanks so much for making this video it's enough of those hate train built against shallon. I got to develop myself so much through watching her videos and listening to her podcasts. We need more people like you in the shallontourage

  4. So this girl told us why we need more Shallon .. ???..as her title says and I missed that part in the whole video….??!!!!.Maybe someone of the viewers can spot the time that this girl gave the explanation of her title…. I was trying to understand if she lost her train of thought because she honestly didn't make any sense.

  5. She's giving incorrect information about mental health. That's not drama. She's perpetuating stigma against those with mental health. Are you ok with that? Celebrities honestly probably dont care or know who she is. The average viewers that may have that illness can be harmed IRL. She's mislabeling bipolar and borderline personality disorder and trying to say people are psychopaths but hey she's understands colors.

  6. Nope, you’re so wrong! Shallon absolutely deserves to be thrown under the bus before she destroys more young, vulnerable women. She comes from a purely diabolical, malicious place. Despite whatever professional past she says she had, present day, she has NO inside pipeline to the celebrity world and passes off vicious gossip as fact. And let’s get real here, she’s not just opining – she’s INSTRUCTING people on HOW TO manipulate and hurt. You should be ashamed of yourself trying to pass her off as anything resembling morally good. She doesn’t give a s*%# about anyone or anything other than making as much $ as she can on the backs of vulnerable souls.

  7. This is THE FIRST video I've seen since Dangelo's that expressed any original viewpoints or opinions! Love that you took the time to create something that isn't just a regurgitated version of the OG.


    AS STATED SEVERAL TIMES I WILL NOT BE ADDRESSING THE DRAMA! If you want drama please refer to someone elses video 🤷🏾‍♀️

  9. I used to be an avid watcher of Shallon Lester to but a few months prior the whole , “let’s cancel Shallon Lester”, I decided to unsubscribe to her. I realized that some of her tips were kind of toxic/ contradicting. For example, she said that men dating young women was problematic but she’s doing the same herself. Also the way she talks about manipulation has also bothered me. Don’t get me wrong, like you said, she knows how to keep her audience attention but I truly think that she needs to address some of her problematic behaviour that seem recurring throughout the years. I just think that the criticism goes beyond the celebrities that she talks about. Don’t take the comment to personally, you seem very nice ;)!

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