Why noise is bad for your health — and what you can do about it | Mathias Basner

Silence is a rare commodity these days. There’s traffic, construction, air-conditioning, your neighbor’s lawnmower … and all this unwanted sound can have a surprising impact on your health, says noise researcher Mathias Basner. Discover the science behind how noise affects your health and sleep — and how you can get more of the benefits of the sound of silence.

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37 Replies to “Why noise is bad for your health — and what you can do about it | Mathias Basner”

  1. I want to listen it carefully
    But due pronounciation of this guy's
    I am not able to understand

  2. Get away from uneducated, disrespectful, or obnoxious people. Done.
    Another option is to relocate to Germany. They have good noise regulations there.

  3. There's also low frequency sounds that can make you nauseous or your heart race – even if we cannot hear them they can still be felt because all sound is vibration.

  4. I am suffering since years of noise,,,i don't go out without my ear protectors .I'm wearing them all the time though ,should I buy noise canceling headphones are the good ?

  5. – talker : "we can all have a nice, quiet celebration"
    – crowd make as many noise as they can with they hands

  6. I thought this was gonna be different and more serious, as a guy living in the suburbs where there is no noise at night and workplace that's relatively quiet, this video barely concernes me.
    Also that bs about cancer, diabetes and obesity that has not enough evidence yet….lol

  7. true, but.

    as the man in the video pointed out. noise is unwanted sound. i would like to suggest that we dont do enough internally as people to expect sounds. when you expect a sound to exist and accept it as part of the environment, as part of the flow of life, as part of the background, then the noise stops being noise. it becomes ambient sound. just like a river flowing or the sound of the rain, it no longer stresses you out. i think more people should practice sound acceptance. more people should learn to flow with life rather then against it.

  8. Fuckyou and your heavy breathing, ironic how you speak of noise your infernal breathing is noise

  9. Yep, Im the guy who cannot study at all when someone besides me making even a little noise, and on this situation i well get very angry about the noise resources. This is the reason why i seldom go to library to study (there is always someone whispering or physically making noises). I wonder it's me too sensitive or someone else is the same?

  10. None of the solution he mentioned are work for me because I stay in dormitory (and in Istanbul!!!) and you cannot imagine how much noise is there. I cannot sleep some nights and I cannot concentrate on my school works.
    Maybe there is a life-saver person who is reading this.

  11. Thank you for this nice video as I agree 100% with all thoughts. Even most of us ignore, if you are dealing with NVH or sound engineering or once you start to pay attention, this really starts to annoy you. It`s ok during the day to have a noisy environment as there is not much thing to do, but show a little respect at night! Especially, noisy cars and motorcycles must be banned from the traffic at night!

  12. I'm 36 years old. I keep getting hearing aid ads in the mail. What? they think I got a problem?

  13. Man I always had a theory that urban noises(like high freq oscillations causing anxiety, many noises overlapping confusing, etc) vs natural would be stressful and overbearing and would have an impact on health. Cool to see

  14. This dude seems to be annoyed by sounds.. Not sure why he started to research this. 😉 He got good points though!

  15. No stupid, it’s not sound that is damaging your health it’s the caffeine you’re drinking, you are becoming sensitive to sound and all noise is making you jump or nervous. Stop drinking so much caffeine and you’ll be fine.

  16. Me: nodding along
    Also me: lives next to an air force base, private airport, train tracks, busy road, and in a state known for doing a lot of construction

  17. I try to have at least 30 minutes of silence when I wake up and before bed.
    No screens, cellphones, radio… Just me, my thoughts, and a Notebook.

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