WHY KIM KARDASHIAN WON'T LEAVE KANYE WEST: Dealing With Embarrassment After A Breakup | Shallon

WHY KIM KARDASHIAN WON’T LEAVE KANYE WEST: Dealing With Embarrassment After A Breakup | Shallon
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#KimKardashian flew to Wyoming to reason with husband Kanye West, but returned in tears and alone. I’ll spill the tea on why Kim won’t leave Kanye and how to deal with embarrassment after a breakup! #shallonlester #shallon

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48 Replies to “WHY KIM KARDASHIAN WON'T LEAVE KANYE WEST: Dealing With Embarrassment After A Breakup | Shallon”

  1. Kim is getting people out of jail for low level drug offenses and doing real shit but people just cant get over the preconceived judgments of her. It's wild how women can do so much but they aren't afforded that respect because of how they look or the sound of their voice or their past

  2. I think it's more embarrassing for Kim to stay with Kanye. All of these Kardashians focus entirely on their looks and material things and not one of them, from Kris down to Kylie, ever has a man that treats her properly. What does that say?

  3. Why should Kim divorce Kanye? They don't even live in the same state and if something happens to him she wants to stay in control of Kanye's money. She deserves to get his money for those kids. She ain't that stupid.

  4. I think it's tough when children are involved for her and trust kanye will want joint custody. Wouldn't leave kids alone with a bipolar man off his meds.

  5. As always I’m commenting as I go, but as far as being uncertain about what people will think about a break up It is some truth as far as how people see you. How about people taking you seriously right? Or in another situation other than relationships what about fail situations like having a house or good job & things don’t go as planned

  6. The reason I subscribed to you is because you’re so intelligent and I love your extensive vocabulary! It be the little things for me lol keep up the great work

  7. This might be super cheesy, but when I’m thinking of making a “bad decision….” I ask myself, if my daughter was in my shoes, what advice would I give her? It reminds me that I know better and I need to make better decisions

  8. I think that Kim will file for divorce, because the children are not safe with an mentall instabile father. In that case he not just emotionally instabile, he is crazy and nobody knows what he is about to do next. I mean he wants to have an own religious group, than tryes for president, he is a musican and a designer…okay, when does he think of the 4 children or play with them? What if he loses control while taking them on a helicopter flyght…? Hope you got my point. She will have to divorse and make clear rules for times and safe circumstances for visitation. That in my opinion is a main reason for divorce- the safety of the ones who are small and unexperienced, the kids.

  9. I would never wish for you to change Shallon. People might have thought Evil wek last year was your low point, but I saw it a strength. I think you are stronger than I thought because you are not regretting the good decisions you made. Long live, Aquarians!!

  10. The way u acted out the way your ex’s parents were when u tried to take a picture took me out I couldn’t stop laughing and replaying that party hahahaha love you

  11. they are millioners or rather billionaires – sth we will never experience but one thing might be for sure: marriage based on the purpose of gathering more and more (be it kids be it money) will not preserve. both of them are rather thirsty of that, not greedy, it makes who they are with or without mental illness.

    kim k. had tremendous luck to do what she does – it's great to work so hard as they like to underline… on photoshoots, interviews, letting the designers know your approvals… she was born into wealthy family and she has continued this kind of coherence. the public helped her tremendously. kim, khloe, they seem to very much incorporated the fact that their lives were sold and they make profit out of it. interestingly, neither of men who took part in it (reality show) – benefited from it. actually, kanye seems to light up in the company of people less conscious about their looks and more private. from one hand, he elevated kim even more to recognition, on the other – he choked on it. at the end of the day, you want t o matter to people more than fame, money and their businesses. his mental states might be a little kid's scream to see him…

  12. Can you do an analysis of 1direction, Zayn Malik (was he fired?), Harry Styles (is he gay? was he in love with Zayn?). PLEASE….! thx

  13. Kanye has been driving for YEARS, and you wanna just now say you're uncomfortable?
    Can you at least be REAL/REALISTIC when talking about other people?? It would be very much appreciated! And make you a genuinely better person.
    Not hating, I love you, but I hate it when people are being unreasonable, and unrealistic with things. Especially when he has been driving for years.

  14. how can you make claims without saying allegedly? could you get sued for that? also could you provide sources for the "reports" you mention? i thought u used to work for a magazine. this is ridiculously amateurish

  15. Y’all this women is toxic, it’s because of people like her that so many people stopped listening to ACTUALLY EDUCATED PEOPLE. She sad enough to be caught up in others lives instead of putting worth while investment into hers. Anyway that’s all ✌🏽

  16. That’s Y a divorce women can’t give advice about marriege. Think she forgot that quote “ for the good and the bad” and kanye is on the lowest. And obviously he doesn’t want to divorce Kim, he loves her, he just on bipolar mode right know and she committed to him, regardless as she should.

  17. Do you get how disrespectful you are towards people whit mental illnesses?! You don't know what you talking about…you are not a psychiatrist nether you got any dimplma in social-what ever (don't know how this is called in english butvi quess y'all know what i mean) or psychic! You speak like those are facts when its completley based on your oppinion! do you hear what you are saying, the advice you give? Its just terribal…stop try to ruin peoples lifes, girl bye!

  18. I wish Kim got more credit! I was just in a lecture today and my profs were just ripping her apart… like you said Shallon, what she's built is really impressive!

  19. Shallon!! I have a topic suggestion: Love Island !!!!!! (specifically, Love Island UK Season 5). The contestant Amber Gill reminds me SO MUCH of you, and her story arc is super interesting and has some great lessons in it. Love you always xoxo

  20. Shallon I love your channel. I can tell you exactly why you have haters. Cause people still feel threatened by smart women who have a sharp analysing mind and high emotional intelligence and who don't buy bs anymore.

  21. Shallon, this helped me so much … I’m at a crossroads Rn and deciding whether or not I should be with a guy. He is literally perfect but it just doesn’t feel right in this season. It’s hard because we have mutual friends and they keep expressing how amazing we would be together. But I just want to be on my own right now. This really helped and reminded me that I need to acknowledge my feelings and do what’s best FOR ME. Thanks again 💜 much love and I hope I see u in Montana at target when I go back to MSU!!

  22. It was definitely the we’re back together with an ex that was embarrassing for me. I’m embarrassed I dated him in general such a trashy guy🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️

  23. Me and my mom were just talking about this. I had asked her if she thought the woman in our family was cursed when it came to love. & she talked about how the older women in our family just tolerated more bullshit that we aren’t willing to these days thank god.

    I seen men sharing a post calling women back then stronger. Na, getting abused and cheated on all the time and staying is weak in my book.

  24. The Kardashian family are not the most well family, men dont do well in that family, look at Khloes ex Lamar, Khortneys ex think hes an addict, their father did not do well either and of course Mr Jenner who is now Mrs, and poor Rob.. oh poor Rob. One more divorce here is not going to be too much of an embarrassment for this family. They are business women who are expert at editing their lives for the world to see what they want them to see. Kim seems like a good person considering her background and I do feel so sorry for her children. Kim loves her family and Kanye is unwell but I can not see him doing well in that family.

  25. Girl why are you always one sided, like even the Tristan Jordyn drama you sided with Khloe the clown yet the truth came out as to who was the real clown , now you are siding with Kim over Kanye yet Kanye left his life in Chicago ,lost his bestfriend Jayz over Kim , his wife discussing their personal issues on a reality show , she butts into a drama that she had no clue luckily Taylor didnt press charges .
    This youtube therapists decieve people one being you .

  26. I guess what makes this potential divorce hard for Kim to grapple with is not only that she's been divorced twice, once after only 72 days, but also that she has children and can't bear the thought of them having to go through this publicly with her. I hope whatever decision she makes that she makes it for the right reasons.

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