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11 Replies to “Why I unsubscribed from Shallon Lester”

  1. Very ironic to see Ariel (that did everything for the love of a man).
    IMO i disliked the fact that she teaches impressionable ladies to be manipulative petty and very vengeful.

  2. Listen you’re young and Shallon comes across as caring and knowledgeable. But, ask yourself this, has she ever shown receipts to backup anything she says? I unfortunately know Shallon since we have mutual friends in nyc. She’s a nice looking lady but she’s also older than she says. I think she is 39-40 but I’m not sure which. I also dislike that she constantly says, she likes stupid younger guys that she can manipulate. Men are not toys for you to play with them.

  3. I hope that when you think of Shallon, you think of the word: Narcissist. People like her are everywhere. This was a learning experience for you. What DAngelo brought up made people think & express that they had felt the same way. Aba & Preach had commentaries on specific videos a month prior to his. Pierre XO, Jake Alexander & Def Noodles, also, did great commentaries and continued awareness to how problematic her behavior & her attitudes & her information is. The fact that many of her followers are young & impressionable is very concerning. Shallon is always going to be herself. She will continually expose herself for what she is & people like her…you shake your head in agreement & walk away. You don't engage in an argument with them. And you don't get into a relationship with them. From a former Narcissistic survivor.

  4. She constantly talks about how men should chase women and be the one to take charge because women shouldn't, and all her advice focuses in that mentality. Pretty weird for a woman who gasses herself up so much all the time. I unfollowed her a long time ago.

  5. The term “conflicted” is the perfect descriptor of how a lot of us felt. I’d like to add that she lied about her age and is actually 39, which means she was tweeting about 15/16 year olds when she was 29. Watching D’Angelo’s receipts on her in his second video (and going through the document in the description bar) made my stomach turn. Like you, I feel like a fool for having ever looked up to her

  6. Star Magazine where she work has no connection with any alist star and back in day would photoshopped pictures very similar what National Enquirer would do.

  7. Shallon is a devil monster , I watched her and I regretted it , she is a lier ,jealous and crazy , Harry never didn't do anything to that crazy woman, she hates many celebrities, Selena Gomez, Camille ,Taylor swift and many others she is full of nonsense

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