Who Should Replace Pep Guardiola at Manchester City? | Extra Time

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This week, Joe Thomlinson and Chris Hamill join Patrick van Straaten on the podcast for what is meant to be a round-up episode, but quickly turns into yet another Arsenal conversation. Then we eventually get round to Man City, who have tried to cure their defensive woes by becoming boring. Has it worked? Is Pep done? Should the club try a non-bald manager? We answer basically none of these questions. Then it’s on to what we learned this week, which features Ajax pummelling Venlo and now regular segment Joe Apologises For His Previous Terrible Opinions.


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35 Replies to “Who Should Replace Pep Guardiola at Manchester City? | Extra Time”

  1. Knowing how clubs hire managers now……….it is fair to assume that their manager will be Vincent Kompany, Richard Dunne, or some Manchester City player legend.

  2. El Clasico is bigger than any game in the PL. Much more grandeur and panache to it. I can count the Merseyside derbies and the Chelsea Arsenal games I've seen in recent years on one hand.

  3. In some aspects I prefer this perm season to others. I k ow the quality is low, but I love the fact smaller teams are beating the bigger teams. It adds more competition. I find it entertain when Everton are top and villa and top 4. If the quality improves, this could be an amazing year to watch, especially as an outside viewer who doesn’t support a team and watches for entertainment.

  4. Rodri is a good player. He’s a phenomenal distributor of the ball from his position. He’s a solid defender. City fans don’t blame Rodri for our struggles so idk where this narrative is coming from. The only problem we have is when Gundogan and Rodri play together. They’re essentially they same player so when they play together we know the midfield is gonna be lacking the creativity that playing a combination of KDB/Bernardo or KDB/Foden would have. But City fans don’t complain that Rodri costs us games. Outside of Kyle Walker, Rodri is the only player that you can guarantee what type of performance he will have when you see him in the lineup. He’s consistently good…not great, but good… and plays his role well.

  5. Liverpool will be playing a centre back against West Ham who was out on loan in the National League North last season, the 6th tier of English football, because they have no fit centre backs.

  6. 3 super smart guy's here…! I agree more than 100% with you guys,Gurdiola must go…!Im City suporter but….no one enjoy anymore Fraudiola style….! Sorry ro say this….but im so mad….last 2 years…City play poor fotbal….I thing ,like KDB …after Lyon match….another year and same story….! Before ….i can wait to enjoy ev City game….Now…realy don t care if i watch City game….or…watch another game…! Sorry,im nor from Uk and im not speak great english….But i realy don t care about my E…

  7. As a city fan I don’t rly want to extend peps contract coz we won’t win the UCL with him, he always does something completely stupid when it come to the quarters, his squad selection has been poor, pushing sane out of the team, the transfers like signing ake, Mahrez and Rodri just aren’t the players we needed. I just think he’s stuck as a manager, like his tactics have been awful y we’re not playing the wingers wide I’ll have no idea and y he won’t play Bernardo in midfield with KDB just doesn’t make sense. We lack pace, creativity and clinical finishing up top. We desperately need a world class winger and halaand at striker.

  8. David Luiz was playing a lot of great passes in the first half- Arsenal could easily have been a goal or two up at half time

  9. Brendan Rodgers is OK as long as he has a striker, not sure about his Swansea days, think it was committe, at Liverpool he was great with Suarez, with healthy Sturridge, he could squeeze a 1-0, at Celtic I assume he had good striker(s) for that league, now at Leicester, as long as Jamie Vardy plays, he’s ok, but they seem to struggle without him, he needs a shifty striker that can bag goals on regular basis but his system is over reliant on him and collapses without him.

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