Who May Replace Kim Jong-Un? Introducing- Kim Han-Sol

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44 Replies to “Who May Replace Kim Jong-Un? Introducing- Kim Han-Sol”

  1. Gender hasn't been confirmed? How is this even a sentence. Uh he had a baby but nobody looked between it's legs so it's still a mystery.

  2. Your not living in north korea anymore why keep on reporting about them. Much more on the negative side always. Stop it. LIVE your own life.

  3. Now I get why Kim is so scared of us…We have their rightful king…lol…we should just roll in after this fat bastard dies, Russia/China can't stop this.. Plus this dood could change NK real fast, look at Vietnam…that's all the proof you need.

  4. Kim han sol is such a veryyy handsome guy 😍 , but unfortunately if Kim's family failed to have replacement for Kim jung un then China will take the role for sure 😑

  5. I dont think it's the Kim's who hold real power I think they are just figure heads. The real powers are the C.C.P and the parties that surround the Kim's

  6. I would speculate that he just wasn't happy. He was living in a free country enjoying All the lifestyles of a free country only to come to lead a country of Control and Restriction. I'm sure he wasn't allowed to play basketball cause it's a western sport. I'm sure his depression worsened when he as a leader actually felt like a prisoner.

  7. It just males me wish we could smuggle a guard in to free people, underground tunnel anything. We have to lift these people in prayer. They are all the Lords children. Thanks so much

  8. Please when you can add the names of all the kims you are talking about
    Make them pop up on the screen because all I hear is kimblabla 😂
    I don’t have a ear for Korean sadly 😅

    Great video as always ❤️❤️❤️

  9. Who knows maybe he might be the one start the process of freedom and unification that would be bad for china but good for them but n. Korea separate not bad either. you can't predict the future. I pray that they become free and we stay free

  10. Kim is dead. It has been for months. The one who now takes his place is the impostor they chose while fighting like wild animals for power. That's the truth.

  11. 안녕하세요 박 연미! I started watching your channel about a week ago and I think it is really fascinating 😊 Let’s hope that 김 한솔 makes North Korea great again 🇰🇵

  12. The whole world first, to never embrace evil, never to killing, stealing and destroying.
    High probability that he will follow without force, he will even be thankful for that.

  13. Wait a second folks ! Have you listened to very many of this brave woman's talks ? The ( people ) have all been brainwashed for 70 years that the West especially America is EVIL ! They are taught from birth to HATE us !
    Do you think just getting Kim family out makes all that disappear ?

  14. I saw on wikipedia that Kim Han Sol has a dual Citizenship: N.Korean e Portuguese. maybe he got it from The Consulate when he stayed in Macau

  15. Replace the government with a Republic problem solved no one is in charge for ever , all get fired at the pleasure of the people

  16. sooo. what is with kim jong un now?
    last thing i heard was he died on the surgery table, but then he didn't, he is actually fine, nope, actually he is in koma…
    so… what do we know?

  17. After watching video i can say that he is brought in a foreign country and have freedom so he want his country to be like that also

  18. I'm glad the nephew has lived lots of other places. Hopefully that has helped him learn compassion and understanding of other ways of life in such a way that he can't ever be used by his evil family.

  19. I remember there was an issue with Kim Han-Sol in Paris a few years ago, when Kim Jong Nam got killed Kim Han Sol was a student in France (in Paris) at that time and he suddenly disappeared, his name on his mail box was removed (but I don't think it was his real name), we heard a few days later that the French police was protecting him because north Korean officials could try to catch him…
    I was very worried for him at that time but I think they protected him well and found good solutions for his safety.

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