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25 Replies to “WATCH: Bernie Sanders-produced video Trump played at rally against Joe Biden”

  1. I tried to like the video but it will not let me. WTF YOUTUBE

    I tried it one time then a second time then a third time and fourth time and a dozen more times…still will not let me like the video. Todays date and time 14 November 2020 0735

  2. But honestly America derives better than Biden and Obama administration please how could you kick out Obama's administration and then bring him back through Biden

  3. I introduced the video showing Biden talking about cutting social security/medicare to my older siblings. They said it's takin' out of context or is a simple lie. They are all well into their 60's, so I've written off their remarks to age. They also think I'm a radical because I insist on holding both parties feet to the fire, which makes their heads explode!!

  4. And he says trump is going to get rid of SS…. he’s the biggest liar ever!! But the biggest problem is people believe his hypocrisy 🤦🏼‍♀️

  5. Bernie should not have trusted Joe. He has no intention of keeping his promise. I’m not a Democrat. But believe the Dems have used Bernie for so long

  6. This is a fake post by Russian Troll Farms! Their goal is to use false information to undermine the U.S. election and Americans sense of trust. They post video that is obscure and misleading.

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