Was DJ Khaled Wrong For Sampling OutKast? | For The Record

Last week, DJ Khaled sparked a lively debate with the SZA-assisted single, “Just Us,” from his 11th studio album Father of Asahd. The song, which samples OutKast’s 2000 hit “Ms. Jackson,” dismayed many hip-hop purists who weren’t thrilled that Khaled borrowed the classic record’s beat.

The track raised questions about the role of sampling in hip-hop and whether a song can be “too classic” to sample. Genius’ Head of Artist Relations Rob Markman explored the issue on the latest episode of ‘For The Record.’

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38 Replies to “Was DJ Khaled Wrong For Sampling OutKast? | For The Record”

  1. That Sting fact is inaccurate. JceWrld sampled Shape of my heart, not Every Breath you take. One is Sting solo, the other is The Police.

  2. sampling is absolutely not wrong. khaled is just a bad musician and he turned ms jackson into an absolutely disgusting "song"

  3. I just think its wrong because all the fame which he gets from the song its all because of the sample so its not fair since he didnt do anything

  4. Yes. The way he sampled both outcast AND santana was just trashy. He basically stole the beat and didnt do anything original with it. Some examples of how you ACTUALLY sample: Pump it – black eyed peas, Breathe – Blu Cantrell, Stronger – Kanye West… actually, literally any other way you could use a sample is better.

  5. Dj Khaled gets on my nerves he always make great beats into trash he need to learn to stop sampling stuff and be more creative

  6. Why the fuck is he wrong you puece of shit I'm trigerred what the fuckis wrong with yall,, I GOT A Question was Biggy wrong for sampling LaDiDaDi

  7. Ms. Jackson was art, not terrible cgi and uninspired cliche lyrics. Ms. Jackson talked about things many people wish they could say or wish music touched on.

  8. The issue is that the song just isn’t good and that’s why some people have an issue with it and the way the sampling was used was not good.
    The reason Johnny Cash’s Hurt, Marylin Manson’s Sweet Dreams, and P. Diddy’s Just the two of us were accepted and praised is because they basically reimagined the sample/song. They made it their own and put their style to it.

  9. He also sampled from Santana's song "Maria Maria" with the opening guitar solo in DJ Khaled's song Feat. Rihanna "Wild Thoughts".

  10. Tacky af to steal someone else's ish. If you can't come up with your own then you aren't creative enough to catch my attention👎

  11. Only reason I don’t like that he sampled Outkast is that besides the beat, you couldn’t tell it was Outkast. It was horrible. First off, why SZA? And secondly, it should have been two rappers with doubled voices for the hook like in Mrs. Jackson. It just sounded like a crappy modern sample of Mrs. Jackson. It was bad. The whole video was cheesy af, as per usual, no offense to DJ Khaled or SZA. Just why is my question. Why?!

  12. Nothing wrong with sampling, it’s just sad to see the fingerprints of a masterpiece in a mediocre producer’s mediocre produce.

  13. I see it also positive. Now if the younger generation hear the song, they will do their research and they will find out about Outkast. Its just another way to find out about great music…

  14. I don't care that Khaled sampled the song is just annoying when artist simple songs and you can tell exactly what song is from as soon as you hear it. I think it's better when you hear it and it sounds familiar but it's a completely different song still. DJ Khaled is very good at matching songs together. But they sound like both songs nothing original like the last time I remember him releasing was destiny's child mixed with Carlos Santana

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