VIRAL MOMENT: Kyrsten Sinema gives THUMBS DOWN to Bernie Sanders' proposed raise in minimum wage

Sen. Kyrsten Sinema has gone viral after giving a thumbs down to Sen. Bernie Sanders’ proposed raise in minimum wage yesterday.


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45 Replies to “VIRAL MOMENT: Kyrsten Sinema gives THUMBS DOWN to Bernie Sanders' proposed raise in minimum wage”

  1. I’m an a Phoenix Arizona voter, and Sinema shows empathy, common sense and courage – she has earned my loyalty and vote. Minimum wage hurts the least skilled and entry level workers by making them unemployed. Literally dozens of authoritative economic studies show that. Killing the filibuster will usher in mob rule and government overreach and harm minority rights.

  2. The fucking audacity of this lady I swear on God's green Earth I've never seen anything more insulting. If she worked a minimum wage job she wouldn't even last a day!

  3. Biden and The Cheating Mala did inauguration while in the middle of a bloody deadly voter fraud crime scene in front of a empty field of flags #TrumpWon

  4. The Capitol museum in Washington DC is a bloody deadly voter fraud crime scene and they got Ashli Babbitt blood all over the house and senate chambers and desecrated the place after they trampled through the blood of a United States Air Force vet on January 6th to certify a late fraud vote for Biden #TrumpWon

  5. THUMBS DOWN to Sinema for being so classless and heartless. Pathetic grandstanding. I'm sure your AZ voters will remember this.

  6. Wow.. An elected public servant's way of prioritizing the growth and we'll-being of the people and their communities with a finger.

  7. Why do people who graduate from Ivy League schools choose to go into politics? To serve their country? I think not. These people should serve one or two terms and go on with there lives. Instead many languish in our government for decades, taking up space!

  8. You know what is so disgusting, coming on the floor dressed like a school girl and laughing at your voters while saying no to the 15 mw. It’s all a joke to her but the voters will remember and hopefully replace her stupid a— during the next election..

  9. Well people dont vote for her she needs to get pay 15 dollars an hour so she need to feel what we are going through

  10. “Show me a man (woman) that gets rich by being a politician, and I'll show you a crook.” US President Harry S. Truman,

  11. Her thumbs down was a reference to McCain in 2018. She supports minimum wage increase, just not as part of the covid relief bill. Votes now for it would be purely performative. Remember she is a lawyer, she understands procedure. The wage increase is a separate process. //. gotta not love the media for not having the facts

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