Vietnam : the NEW Tiger of Asia

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🎥 In this video, I interview Vinh and Andrew, two US citizens living in Vietnam and involved in the trading and manufacturing sector. They are passionate about news about politics, macro economics, globalism, and how geopolitics can affect countries.

🇺🇸 🇨🇳 I asked them to provide me their US-China trade war ‘update’ and the impacts on Vietnam. As a recent US-China talk happened in Alaska a few days ago, it is the perfect time to provide an update about how it is. What are US-China relations and how does it affect Vietnam’s dynamism in manufacturing and exports? European relations with ASEAN and especially the recent EVFTA Vietnam-EU Trade Agreement is already boosting the vietnamese economy.

📈 What are the predictions for the next upcoming years (with the current USA president) if you want to get involved in the vietnamese trade sector and manufacture goods in Vietnam ? Andrew and Vinh are sharing their ‘On the ground’ expectations from the Vietnam side.

📊 As chinese factories are already massively relocating to Vietnam, more and more foreign experts are hired in Vietnam or hunted by factories in Vietnam. Some international players are also currently hiring sourcing agents, quality control people etc … so there are opportunities to disclose about this trade and export sector.

🤔 If you are considering doing business in Vietnam or want to learn about those trade-agreement consequences or the macro aspects of the US-China trade war and the future for foreign business owners who wish to invest / export from China & Vietnam, this interview will dig more in detail about this.

➡️ Here is the summary of the video :
0:56 Andrew, 20 years living in Asia, passionate about globalism and macroeconomy
1:36 Vinh, manufacturing trading and exporting specialist in Vietnam
1:49 US-China Trade war : updates and what you should know ?
4:30 Alaska talk : US-China relationships
5:31 Opportunities in relocating, manufacturing and exports from Vietnam
6:29 EVFTA : EU-Vietnam trade agreement trends and anticipations
7:37 Impacts and benefits for France in the next years
8:07 Vietnam : demography, economy and new market for European goods
8:54 Vietnam : a trade leader in manufacturing and exporting to overseas
9:19 Textile, wood furniture, garment, electronics sectors
10:19 Vinfast : the vietnamese automated & electric vehicles
11:02 Advice for foreign investors to invest in this booming manufacturing sector
12:46 Meetup, event and networking to find partners in Vietnam

✍ If you are considering doing business in Vietnam, import products to sell in Vietnam or use the opportunity of the manufacturing sectors to manufacture products and export them to Vietnam, leave a comment below so we can discuss it.


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13 Replies to “Vietnam : the NEW Tiger of Asia”

  1. Very good overview. Viet Nam will continue to benefit from these trends and the move away from China for many reasons. Good point also about the need for improved customer service in Viet Nam. The Vietnamese could benefit from the concept of keeping the customer happy and keeping the customer for life as opposed to looking at a transaction with a customer as "once and done".

  2. Vraiment content de te revoir et que tout est rentré dans l'ordre pour toi…. Merci pour tes contributions. A bientôt.
    François / Brest.

  3. I am going to move to Vietnam next year in 2022. Hearing this sounds like Vietnam has a lot amazing things set in motion. It seems like Vietnam is in its starting phase. I can't wait to join the party XD Awesome video btw 🙂

  4. Nice nice! I've participated to the last Amazon meetup/conf last Friday in D1. I can tell it's booming, Amazon has and does invest a lot (not for setting up Amazon VN but rather to support VN manufacturing and seller) I got lucky to made contact with the Amazon executive staff working for nearly 2 years on that and what they told me blew me away. Time to jump on the opportunities guys 😉 !

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