UPDATED Google Sheets vs. Excel Online: Which is better?

Updated! In 13 minutes, learn the main differences between Excel Online (Microsoft’s free online spreadsheet program) and Google Sheets (Google’s free online alternative). Topics and timecodes are listed below, and include interfaces, features, examples, collaboration, and more. Narrator Ian Lamont is the author of EXCEL BASICS IN 30 MINUTES and the publisher of the EXCEL 2019 REFERENCE AND CHEAT SHEET.

00:00 Basic comparison of Excel 2019 and Google Sheets
01:30 Excel Online registration requirements and OneDrive
02:20 Google Sheets registration and online storage in the cloud
02:45 Google Sheets offline compatibility mode
03:30 Excel Online cost vs Excel 2019
04:00 Feature comparison – Creating a chart I
05:20 Excel Online ribbon interface and features
05:45 Google Sheets toolbar
06:20 Functions comparison
07:40 Interface comparison
08:00 Creating a chart II – making modifications
11:20 Which one I use – Google Sheets or Excel Online?
11:45 Collaboration comparison


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  1. I just checked how to change the color of the chart in excel online. All one needs to do is right click on the chart and click format to get the option to change all the colors.

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