Uncovering Legacy Of Chinese Clan Houses In Singapore | Remember Our House | CNA Documentary

After receiving a mysterious envelope of cash from a clan association after his grandfather’s death, documentary filmmaker Douglas Lan begins his quest to discover what Singapore Chinese clans are and what they were for.

Learning about the heritage of these centuries-old institutions, Douglas searches for the relevance of these ancient guilds through young members who are sustaining the legacy of their clans. Lynn Wong is a researcher on a mission to document and salvage the memories of clans in Singapore before they disappear. Jolie Yin was the youngest youth president in Singapore clan history and an active member of Chung Shan Association. And Richard Zheng is a new citizen with a young family, finding ways to give back and modernize the clan that has given him a community.

Gaining access to their clans and more, Douglas embarks on a journey to understand the purpose of clans today, their struggles, and how they are fighting to stay relevant in the midst of modernity and apathy.

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26 Replies to “Uncovering Legacy Of Chinese Clan Houses In Singapore | Remember Our House | CNA Documentary”

  1. This was a beautiful journey and I am so happy for you! This is inspirational for ALL cultures to create similar social hubs of legacy and light. Thank you so much for sharing!❤💋📣

  2. 26:14 既:薪火相傳,就令人感到文化断層了。廣府話是目前全球華人尙在流行使用的古語,努力呀!

  3. These houses were created to help new immigrants? Nice, it always touches me when I see people being nice to each other, today's world feels so cold sometimes. A beautiful film, thank you.

  4. Well done CNA going into the crosshairs and that's some deep work have to say it , Even though I'm not Chinese but love to explore and learn about new cultures . Best 48 minutes of niche stuff

  5. Ok ធ្លាប់បំរើជាតិនៅ ប្រទេសនោះដែរ ប៊ូលីសមហាផ្ទៃ

  6. Not true that the pastries were not in Singapore. They were available during each autumn festival in Singapore. The last time I ate them in Singapore was about 10 years ago. I stopped buying them as they were too sweet. I believe they are still available in Singapore.

  7. Perhaps these remaining clans should modernise using more technological approaches to attract younger members. I am sure those who love history, geography, or researching would be interested in continuing. Schools could also introduce these clans as part of the curriculum just like in NZ, where students and new PRs/citizens need to attend lessons on NZ past, especially the Treaty of Waitangi.

  8. These documents if preserved can be useful for those whose family might want to keep a record as part of their family history.

  9. Great documentary. Hope the clans in Singapore will last forever. There is no such thing in Australia – sad…

  10. I'm honestly surprised this isn't something the Singaporean government is interested in documenting and showcasing as part of Singapore's history. (maybe the government needs to know about the closure of clan houses- and with clan house consent display clan documents and histories to the public)

  11. Reflecting the common origin of the Louie, Fong, and Kwong/Fong(hoisanese) families, the Soo Yuen Benevolent Association is made up of members from the three families.

  12. Great documentary! Kudos to Douglas and Lyn for helping to preserve this aspect of Chinese heritage and history in Singapore that is in danger of disappearing. It is definitely worth saving.

  13. App的主意非常好,中國人的歷史要這樣定位,華人世界才能完整的聯繫上,這樣最好,華人可以決定要不要被其他國家唾棄的強權

  14. went to the clan association which my grandfather was a member and they were so busy playing mahjong they asked me to FXXK OFF

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