Too Hot To Handle – UFO

Too Hot To Handle – The First Track On UFO’s 1977 Album “Lights Out”.
Phil Mogg: Lead Vocals
Michael Schenker: Lead Guitar
Paul Raymond: Rhythm Guitar
Pete Way: Bass
Andy Parker: Drums


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27 Replies to “Too Hot To Handle – UFO”

  1. see them soon on their "last Flight Tour" .. It was a great journey over so many years, thanks so much for the music. Will celebrate this night.

  2. I keep reading about how UFO is supposed to a super special band, but frankly they just sound like KISS with a better singer and guitarist. I don't see anything particularly special about their songs. Consider there were bands like Led Zep out there at the same time this was being made and it's not that shocking that UFO wasn't getting much love.

  3. Remembering the great days of REAL ROCK! Had lots of fun rocking out to their music and wishing they still were out their.

  4. I remember being in a strip club in Fayetteville North Carolina in the 80s watching an Australian stripper dance to this song. Good times.

  5. Grrrrr with M.Schenker these guys we're putting out a lot of  XL tunage ..such as this  1  ;)in 70's what  an era  for R&R &  80s

  6. I seen this band with the Outlaws, back in 1980 or 1981, it was a way's back, but I seen them in Norman, Oklahoma at the Lloyd Noble Center.

  7. Listened to this 8 track driving to school just about every morning. Was a toss up between this and Scorpions Lovedrive….

  8. S. SIMPSON HERE. SCHENKER. N info as a whole just get better n better each ALBUM. However. It's. Hard to say cause. Their. Earliest material. Is phenomenal ALSO. I guess more. Polished. N. Tight. More. Used to. Each other's. Actions on their. Instruments. U. F O. Is. Forever. One. Of. The. Best. Hard rock. Band. EVER. N. TOTALLY. UNDERRATED 4 SURE

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