Too Hot to Handle is a MESS

Too Hot To Handle is the latest reality dating show out of Netflix and it’s… well it’s a mess. But if you’re into mess you might like this show that takes super hot people and tries to prevent them from getting physical with a big cash prize. So what goes down on Too Hot To Handle? Whos is still together from Too Hot To Handle? Was anyone able to keep their hands to themselves?

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31 Replies to “Too Hot to Handle is a MESS”

  1. This entire show was a waste of time for literally everyone involved. The fact that nearly all of them were still struggling to obey the rules up until the very end proves that they didn't change at all. You just gave a bunch of shallow, attractive, horny people thousands of dollars for kissing a few times and complaining about the fact they couldn't have sex.

  2. honestly my heart broke when rhonda didn’t choose david 😔 he was so secure and sweet and knew what he wanted , then sharron had the nerve to get mad at david when himself and rhonda were partnered for the deep workshop when sharron wasn’t even secure enough to show his feelings for rhonda THEN only told her because he was jealous of the real connection david and rhonda had🤦🏽‍♂️ absolutely mediocre .

  3. It's really great to have a guy on here who loves the same trash I do! Great to hear your perspective! It's quite similar to mine, and I really enjoy watching!

  4. I actually thought the workshops worked really well mostly especially the male one. I found myself actually touched by the emotions I saw.

  5. Surprisingly the couples that came out this are lasting longer than most bachelor couples.
    The couples on THTH:
    Brice is with Nicole
    Francesca and Harry

  6. omg I'm so glad I found your channel, I'm getting all that delicious trash without actually having to watch it! This is great

  7. I honestly don't get why people were obsessed with franchesca… chloe was the most real person and looking at her insta I think she has grown a lot!!

  8. My thing is if Lana told them the prices for each infraction, they probably would’ve taken it more seriously. None of the rules were explained properly.

  9. I actually really enjoyed the personal building narrative, it make me almost care less about the dating. The idea of emotional and spiritual growth was not what I was expecting and some of the moments were so touching I truly almost cried. That being said though, if they’re trying to make it about love and temptation there should definitely be more ramifications for breaking the rules and more newcomers, but it really was not even half as bad as I thought it was going to be, and I loved the idea of having to build a relationship by really having to open up and get to know each other, realizing relationships where the attraction stops at just sexual

  10. Please don't throw shade at Sharron and Chloe, I absolutely love both of them! Kind wonderful people, I follow them both along with David on instagram

  11. Fun but really uneven when it comes to entertainment value. As soon as something starts to bore You, it will go on for the entire episode. Feel free to skip.

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