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32 Replies to “'Too Hot to Handle': Francesca and Harry Are Still Together, and Want to Get Married! (Exclusive)”

  1. He is stunning. Glad they are moving forward with their relationship. Yes, I watched this literally one night with my fiancee. Guess quarantine makes you love your partner even more.:P

  2. I can understand the attraction, he's got this vibe that makes you feel some sort of way but in the end long-term wise he's just childish. He does not embody a man whatsoever, he's 23 but he represents himself like a 17 year old kid. I don't see this relationship going anywhere, they even separated for 8 months… Poor Harry, too clueless to understand what he's doing when it comes to Francesca, who is not marriage material at all. This is definitely a mismatch but I guess people will ship what they want to.

  3. Just wait they won’t work. That chick sill never stay with him. She will eventually want a guy who makes a lot of money.

  4. Visiting each other every two weeks?! Oh they rich rich… New Zealand and Vancouver? Expensive bud.

  5. okay i am just gonna be honest here… they are cute n stuff, but they r not ready for marriage…

  6. Rhonda is "ahahahaha Harry and Francesca 🥴" … Lol She was so arrogant, disparaging their relationships and calling her relationship true … but today Harry and Francesca live their love while her serious relationship is simply drowned.

  7. Quit bring up the lie/ the bad situations it's in the past, everyone makes mistakes and dont even deny it. Thier PERFECT together so shut up please!!!! Thanks

  8. They are just living the honeymoon phase honestly, they’ll never last. He lied to her infront of everyone right off the bat, they broke up and got with other people right after the show and and he’s like 20 and she’s like 27 so

  9. Sorry but yous all forgetting in these comments the Francesca literally was in the shower with kells🤭🥴

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