Too Hot to Handle: Bryce & Nicole are DATING!

Super cute news! Too Hot to Handle star Bryce has officially announced that he’s dating his former co-star Nicole! Of course, they’re unable to continue traveling to see each other right now, but that’s not stopping them from continuing their courtship.

Watch Bryce’s interview here:

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13 Replies to “Too Hot to Handle: Bryce & Nicole are DATING!”

  1. Sorry about the Irleand = UK comment, guys! I’m now learning that it’s only Northern Ireland that is part of the UK 😅❤️

  2. Omg GRACE…..The Irish HATE TO HEAR THAT. Including me! Couldnt you edit it out to try stop the spread of misinformation. Please gal, thanks!

  3. I had to wait to watch your coverage of this show until I finished it. So I’m a few days late but super interested to find out that they are seeing each other. Personally I thought she was pretty useless on the show. She didn’t really do much and I thought she’d be gone when Jesus (forgot his name) left.

  4. Girl if a man wants to see you then he WILL make it happen, vice versa. My ex lived literally 10 mins from me and I could never get him to come over. My new guy lives two hour away and makes time to come and visit
    Don’t settle ladies!!!

  5. Wow this is shocking. I thought it was super weird the whole time that no one went after her but then again she did seem miles more mature than the others so maybe that was it.

  6. I love your videos but Ireland is NOT in the UK! PLEASE do not say that it is! It is an ENTIRELY different country with a different culture, language and history! Nicole is IRISH and is from Cork which is a city on the south coast of Ireland.

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