THE TRUTH ABOUT LEA MICHELE: How To Stop Being A Mean Girl | Shallon Lester

THE TRUTH ABOUT LEA MICHELE: How To Stop Being A Mean Girl | Shallon Lester
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#LeaMichele claims she’s ready to stop being a mean girl, but psychologists say that it’s not always possible to change. I’ll break down the mean girl mentality and what creates a Karen! #shallonlester #shallon

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31 Replies to “THE TRUTH ABOUT LEA MICHELE: How To Stop Being A Mean Girl | Shallon Lester”

  1. CALLING ALL FORMER MEAN GIRLS! When were you at your most bitchy or intolerable? What do you think was fueling it and what snapped you out of it?

  2. One. F*ck Lea Michele. Unattractive, unlikable, yet the PERFECT example of everything wrong with the world. (Obviously I'm going out on a limb with that one… But… Am I "wrong"? Ehhhhh… Doubtful)
    Two. Shallon, you have a lot of wisdom. I appreciate you for that. You're so right about mean girls/people. Lack of personal power, strength, and being that my oldest sister is a "mean girl" (sadly, PROUDLY.. She just turned 40, and is still saying "you can't sit with us" on FB. Try as I might, she and I just can't get along. The "two faced antics" are just.. Not for me.. Plus, I BELIEVE it's much more kind to say things to someone's face) I have more experience with it than I'd care to admit. (Although I just did..😂) I've always known, she doesn't like herself.. That's why she's so critical of others. Especially when it's in regards to their weaknesses being your strengths, they'll try to break you down, to at least make themselves feel bigger.
    It's just so much more upsetting when it's your sister.

  3. Thank you Shallon, I can be your mom, I'm 62 but follow you for a year now, you've inspired me and helped me a lot. Thank you , Miss Montana 🐎🐎

  4. In Germany we have those Karens who always have to critize everyone and everything (I once heard that in Germany critizing is seen more intellectual that being always satisfied and easy). We call them Karen or (male version) Justus Aurelius. Justus Aurelius is the son of doctors and also considers himself as one since elementary school. He always needs to be treated specially. Now he is studying medicine and is sponsored by his parents which is why he doesn't understand his priviledge.

  5. I personally have never been confronted by a Karen but I’ve seen Karen’s go off on others in front of me or I hear stories from one of my coworkers about a Karen that came in the day before when it just so happen to be my day off

  6. I don't know if I was a mean girl per say, ( I hope not) but I had a lot of insecurity and sometimes I over compensated for it. I grew up in a toxic family dynamic there was some abuse, I just needed a friend to understand. But many years later I'm taking the LONG over due journey of self healing!!! (MUCH NEEDED) I'm a little more careful about how I treat people.

  7. I’m not defending her past behaviour but just because she’s not been on tv doesn’t mean she hasn’t been busy. She a massive hit in the musical scene on broadway and she’s constantly working. She took some time out of work after losing her boyfriend and I truly believe this was a turning point in her life that humbled her a lot.
    There are many many stars out there that are divas and treat costars and staff like shit so why single her out?
    You seem a little entitled yourself and are a little mean yourself…’d say assertive s probably but I think you deciding someone won’t apologise or change without even knowing them personally is very entitled….cmon here…..double standard much?

  8. Didn't you threat to deport a Hispanic person's mother to take them back to "whatever sh**hole country they came from" ?" So does that make you a Karen ?

  9. I once got my pectoral muscles sore from weightlifting, and it made going down stairs slow and miserable for about a week. This was inconvenient at the University of Georgia, which is built on a series of hills and has stairs everywhere! I can relate.

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