INSIDE KIM KARDASHIAN & KANYE WEST’S MARRIAGE: Why It’s A Red Flag If A Guy Worships You | Shallon @Kim Kardashian West @Kanye West
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#KanyeWest has told wife #KimKardashian to stop posting sexy photos, but is this more about control than respect? I’ll break down the psychology of Kimye’s marriage, and what it’s really like to dnarcissistissits, and why it’s a RED FLAG if a guy worships you hardcore! #datingtips #dating advice #shallonlester

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Got a love, dating or friendship question? You’ve come to the right place! I’m Shallon Lester, a two-time published author, NYC magazine editor and star of Howcast’s viral kissing videos. I spill the tea on celebs like Kylie Jenner, the Kardashians, Beyonce, Shawn Mendes, Justin Bieber, Hailey Baldwin, Rihanna and more, breaking down their relationships, scandals and psychology to see what lessons WE can learn, and give you no-nonsense advice and real-world tips on everything from dating apps and players, to family and friends!


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23 Replies to “THE TRUTH ABOUT KIM KARDASHIAN & KANYE WEST'S MARRIAGE: What It's Like To Date A Narcissist |Shallon”

  1. And how can she just talk about their life like she was seeing everything like wtf No proof no nothing just a bunch allegations sounding like its 100% true.

  2. I'm from New Zealand and I have a friend here who obsessively collects Yeezys. And he's a white journalist dude. I'm like how

  3. Shallon never fails to make fun of people’s looks…”weak chin”…really? Are we in primary school? …smh…Shallon is the older version of Nicole arbor

  4. The initiative of informing people about narcs in the celebrity world is very good and some of the examples are accurate but I think you speak lightly about narcs subject or maybe all over the place with the choice of words/jokes. It's a very serious subject.

  5. Shallon, when you looked at the Kardasian girls psychological makeup, I feel that it would have been good to look at Rob Kardasian Sr and Caitlyn Jenner….they also had an impact on who the girls became, not just the Mom. It would be a full picture. Have a great day.

  6. Bunch of Weirdos to Me Kanyes mother would have been appalled a black educated woman from Chicago smh After her death (he was with Amber) Kanye lost his mind Shallon Your exactly right that relationship ain't real they living in a dungeon with their four little chickens kim will never be happy and neither will he Kim does not want to be embarrassed she'll stay People will say to Kanye I told you so he'll beg to stay they won't brake up too much at stakea break up would kill Kanye lol

  7. I remember seeing an episode where Kanye was going off on Kim’s trainer coz she said she looked great and didn’t need to lose more weight. He said something like “if I want her to lose 5pounds from her toe you should do it!” Wow, what a loon.

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