The 10.000! euro cigar case from St DuPont review

Thank you St dupont for letting me use the Havana traveler and make a review about it.


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20 Replies to “The 10.000! euro cigar case from St DuPont review”

  1. What a ridiculous product. It reminds me of gold flakes in your coffee and such things they come up with in Dubai. It has no special practical advantages or tech that I can see. It's not even pretty, it's quite tacky. If you buy this, you are working hard to come up with the dumbest ways possible to part with your money.

  2. I love this channel…. I don’t understand the obsession with cigar cases… when I travel I allow 5 cigars a day , all I do is put them in an empty cigar box , wet the bottom and I’ll guarantee you your cigars will be very comfortable, when you have smoked the cigars you can dump the box !
    We are talking about cigars here , you can’t smoke the case , this contraption only holds at the most 4 cigars …. unreal …
    please let me add the DuPont extreme lighter is the best lighter there is on the market, costs a few quid but doesn’t let you down on a very blustery day ( or temperature) any where in the world when the ultimate aim is to light your cigar with undue fuss …

  3. Hi bro, I have been a fan since the beggining, please if you could do a review of the cigars that you smoked in Cuba. I have never been there and would love to have a review or yours.

  4. Beautiful case, but I have no use for a flask. It's also too big, as you cannot fit anything else inside. I have the Peter James Messenger and I can at least put my keys, my wallet, my pen and my phone inside and it still holds business cards and a cigar stand. I love the cigar case itself, but didn't you criticize once in some review, that the cedar wood on the back would scratch the cigars while sliding them in? I'd love to see more modular cases with magnets.

  5. Amazing review Dirk! And spot on reference with Bugatti! I can definitely see Manny Khoshbin sporting one of these to match his array of supercars! We’ll just wait and see all the haters say it’s not worth it. 😂😎🔥

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