Tencent to open regional hub in Singapore

China’s largest social media and gaming company Tencent has said it is opening a new office in Singapore, which will serve as its regional hub for Southeast Asia. This comes on the back of reported plans by TikTok owner ByteDance to spend billions and hire hundreds in Singapore.

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28 Replies to “Tencent to open regional hub in Singapore”

  1. 當中共地溝鼠帶著一袋又一袋的金銀財寶到達新加坡時,以美國為首的滅鼠隊肯定會跟隨他們到新加坡繼續他們的滅鼠行動。 新加玻就變成新戰場。 到時以為能跟鼠隊友分享財寶的就必定遭殃。
    When the CCP crafty rats arrived in Singapore with bags of gold and silver treasures, the rodent control team headed by the United States would definitely follow them to Singapore to continue their rodent control operations. Singapore would become a new battlefield. At that time, anyone who thinks that he can share the treasure of the rats would be disappointed.

  2. And then they spy on sg govt and try and manipulate it. Why is the govt even allowing it in? And are there any safety measures in place to prevent snooping and the likes? Especially with regards to manipulation of information especially during politic season??

  3. 世人愚昧不知晓

  4. 過街老鼠四處跑
    Crafty rats running in the four directions
    Not surprising as it attempt to escape from its deadly enemies
    Though investing in billions and billions
    Human and rats living harmoniously rare to find such a place

  5. It is common sense not to put all your eggs in one basket. Welcome, Tencent, for our mutual benefit. Do not mind the sour grapes. They are probably born that way.

  6. So how many India nationals IT gurus must be hired to also possibly migrate to SG permanently? Go CECA! Singapore's best signed FTA in my view! Does HSK know who is the architect of such a FTA Singapore is enjoying?

  7. Singapore is one of the few countries in SEA that does not have dispute with China on maritime issues. Just hope that they a have a balanced hiring policy and make effort to groom our young graduates.

  8. I hope more like this is coming.
    Edit: I wish that after the flipping pandemic, I hope theirs more and more job ready for application………

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