!t Live(잇라이브) : The 12th MUGI-BOX(뮤기박스) "EXO” (Full Ver.)

EXO와 함께 하는 잇라이브 뮤기박스 12회!

1. 잇라이브 스튜디오 오프닝
2. 대화의 광장 (1)
3. 복불복 룰렛 게임
4. 대화의 광장 (2)
5. 마피아를 찾아라
6. EXO 그것이 궁금하다!
7. 대화의 광장 (3)

!t Live’s MUGI-BOX 12th episode with EXO!

1. Opening at the !t Live Studio
2. Talking to fans at the K-POP Square (1)
3. Roulette game
4. Talking to fans at the K-POP Square (2)
5. Finding mafia
6. Curious about EXO
7. Talking to fans at the K-POP Square (3)

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38 Replies to “!t Live(잇라이브) : The 12th MUGI-BOX(뮤기박스) "EXO” (Full Ver.)”

  1. Exo doesn't understand when one of the fans comment "kai dont destroy the doll" 😂😂😂 its the inside joke of exols

  2. Dear EXO-Ls,
    Let us reach EXO's recent album a million again.
    Aside from streaming their music videos and voting for them, I have few ideas that would help us entertained while waiting for their return:

    1. QUOTABLE QUOTE. Collect their inspiring lines during interviews. Ive noticed that all of the members' responses are actually good to become quotes. Let us share it on social media.

    2. MEMORABLE MEMES. Their face reactions are kinda funny because of their handsome visuals. Why dont we use some of their photos to become memes?

    3. TRENDING TIKTOK. We can use Tiktok to challenge ourselves in EXOs famous dance moves.

    4. WORKOUT SONGS. Ive been using EXO songs and its dance steps as my workout songs and they are actually effective. I use Tempo, Growl, Overdose, Monster and Power everyday and it help me to lose weight. From 70 kilos now I am 65.

    Can any EXOL make a virtual calendar inserting the important dates of the lives of EXO (such as birthdays, debuts, etc) and also the major events of EXOLs? In this way, everybody will know it, especially the new and busy EXOLs like me

    I hope that my ideas can help us become stronger, better, more productive, and happier as one.

    Take care always and stay healthy. Fighting!

  3. Eris DON'T IGNORE● … need ur help.. as we know we are not in huge number as other. Bt we must win AAA & BBMA plz… our boys DESERVEs to be in top.. reply if u are interested in voting or to be a part of group!🤘💕💕

  4. I miss exo
    I miss junmyeon
    I miss baekhyun
    I miss jongdae
    I miss yixing
    I miss kyungsoo
    I miss jongin
    I miss minseok
    I miss sehun
    I miss chanyeol
    I miss i miss
    jinjja neomu neomu bogoshipda:")

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