Steve Jobs' design & marketing secrets (you've never heard!!) feat. Design Icon Marty Neumeier

Design and branding legend Marty Neumeier who worked for Apple and Steve Jobs explains why Steve NEVER used focus groups — and neither should you.

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9 Replies to “Steve Jobs' design & marketing secrets (you've never heard!!) feat. Design Icon Marty Neumeier”

  1. Thank you for watching! 🙏 Hope you're subscribed…Here's the next video I recommend: "Why There's No Overnight Success"

  2. 2:10 "Here is the secret about focused groups. They were designed to focus the research, that's all. If you don't know what to research, you get a focus group together to find out what to focus on."

    Thanks for this perspective!

  3. So much insight in such a short clip! 👍 Focus groups focus research. That’s it. Also I like his idea of “clients as secret shoppers.” Its kind of like the director of a movie running to hide in a bathroom stall after a premiere before everyone else, so they can get the actual, honest “near life situation” reviews. 👏

  4. Love your channel. Long format of this interview was great. Skip the click-bait title reference to Steve Jobs when the actual content is unrelated to him…. just you and Marty is good enough!!

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