StarCraft II – Zerg Overview

An overview of the Zerg narrated by Jim Raynor.


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37 Replies to “StarCraft II – Zerg Overview”

  1. For reason all sci-fi universes have insect-like alien species with a hive-mind who's only purpose is to consume everything in their path. Starcraft has Zerg, Warhammer 40k has Tyranids, Mass Effect has Rachni and Halo has the Flood.

  2. My uncle Amrik Khella was so cool. He showed me Starcraft, world of Warcraft, and Diablo. What a fun guy he is… too bad he stopped talking to me. Thanks for the fun.

  3. They keep calling in space looking for life, what if a zerg species out their??? And limitless in hunger. While very smart?

  4. The zerg can produce units at an incredibly fast rate and if your army falls in one battle you can just build another one in seconds, way before your opponent can rebuilt hes own, as long as you got the resourses.

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