Speededit (with photoshop CS2)

I know..no episode 6 yet but I have seriously lost all motivation so I done this instead. But fear not, I will work on episode 6 c:

Music belongs to their rightful owners
Programs used: Photoshop CS2 & Movie Maker
Games used: Sims 3, Sims 3 pets
Time: 9-10 minutes

Nguồn: https://collectif-du-chambon.org/

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7 Replies to “Speededit (with photoshop CS2)”

  1. Can I ask how you got photo shop?? I'd like to start editing my dogs, so if you could email me everything I would need, I would greatly appreciate it ^^'

  2. This looks AMAZING!! you've got talent a looong time agoo! ;))
    i really love this skills! xD 😉 Keep going UP Mist!! 😀

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