Song Seung Heon & So Ji Sub – The friendship

Love the value and endless friendship of the two Korea Stars. Hope you all enjoy the deadly charming and good looking of them. Their smiles, their close touching any hearts.
Music: Tình Bạn Thân (The Close Friendship)
Singers: The Men


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44 Replies to “Song Seung Heon & So Ji Sub – The friendship”

  1. Cada vez que veo este video me dan muchas sensaciones inexplicables bss a ti tu fan la 🇨🇺💓💋🙇‍♀️

  2. 송배우님도왕따또래친구분들에게당해보셨나요네저는믿음생활하면서두가지신을믿는친구언니오빠때문에많이아파했던사람아라서인지이제는믿는또래아는오빠언니들이라도피하게돼요한때는저에게환난고난연속이여서이제야내진짜내모습찻아서기뻐요아무도날기억해주질않아도요하나님은제아푼맘피료해주심감사해요

  3. Gracias por este video esta hermoso mis oppas tan guapos me fascina verlos y me da mucho gusto que sean muy buenos amigos desde hace mucho tiempo los quiero 😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙😙❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  4. Que lindo sería si mi Adorado Yongha estuviera junto con ellos……como pudo ser posible mi Dios que mi Yongha se haya separado de sus grandes amigos Asi tan cruel mente????????? aunque sea en sueño dime, porque????

  5. 송승호 소지섭 꽃미남들 무슨일로 형님아우한자리에 나왔지요~긍금해요~😊😊😊😉😉😉😆😆😆

  6. Lo que escribo no es para atraer atención. Lo único que puedo decir es que el actor y cantante se fue…..dejando muchas preguntas en aquellos que lo amaban… Porque? Como no me di cuenta? Pude haber hecho algo? Eso es lo único que comentaré. Y jamás nadie puede juzgar motivos e intenciones porque no es Dios para hacerlo. Sus canciones son hermosas.

  7. Мои любимые актеры!!! Обожаю их роли в сериалах и фильмах!!!

  8. suppose to be park yong ha is with them, but because hes in heaven now so only 2 of left. I miss him a lot especially hes angelic voice

  9. Mis 2 oppas favoritos, grandes actores, So Ji sub me gusto en el dorama sorry i love you, ame su trabajo y después vi sus otros doramas y película… Y Song Seung Haen lo ame en My princess… Igual vi sus otros doramas el que más me impresiono hasta el momento Otoño en mi corazón… Gracias por subir el video…

  10. Hôm bữa thấy Mama Ngoc Ha chia sẻ trên FB mới biết clip này Cjl làm đó, thật là 1 clip hay thấy cjl đăng lên FB của Hun già rồi hehe thanks cjl nhiều nhen cho mọi ng thưởng thức nhiều MV hay về Hun

  11. loooong before i knew So Ji Sub, i had liked Song Seung Hun. it was because Autumn in My Heart. but it had happenned only for a little while. maybe it was because my nature as someone who gets bored easily. but a few years later i watched Memories of Bali, continued with Sorry I Love You, and i fell in love with So Ji Sub. Until now. it's been 8 years. wow.

  12. Una novela con esos dos hombres juntos, y morimos en el primer episodio!!! Son divinos!!!
    Felicitaciones por vídeo.

  13. many thanks to you my dear for this video. i really really like it. their brotherly love really shows. they got each others back no matter what. like i said, keep up the good work.

  14. Very nice and sweet memories of them! The two very much different characters, diversifying and filling up what they are shortage. A perfect match! I love the way SJS take care for SSH, lovely and valuable!
    Thanks for encouraging me, dagood181!

  15. Thanks for prompt feedback as ever, Nan lani! Yes, I feel the warmness whenever they meet each other. SJS have shared with reporters that they understand each other just by eye contact. I really admire the friendship!

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