Song Ji Hyo, The Ace of "My Little Old Boy" [My Little Old Boy Ep 79]

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34 Replies to “Song Ji Hyo, The Ace of "My Little Old Boy" [My Little Old Boy Ep 79]”

  1. Jihyo unnie is so pretty, beautiful, well mannered, shy, beautiful smile, simple and humble😍 A naturally beautiful girl, the guy will be lucky😍

  2. so pathetic that every time seeing another beautiful woman of Korea everyone went around saying that its all due to surgeries and plastic, like come on dont stoop too low by throwing accusations for your own insecurities. learn to admit that there are lot of Korean woman who is really pretty without the surgeries thing, you just cant admit it because of your insecurity.

  3. I really like it when Jihyo looks feminine but I like her more because she can be feminine and tomboyish without changing her beauty. She looks beautiful regardless of appearance.

  4. who doesnt want a woman who runs for 10 years in a variety show, defeating males in games, witty, funny, gorgeous .. she's a package

  5. grabe tawang tawa ako dito pinag aagawan talaga sya nang mga nanay hihihi. isa lang ibig sbhn nyan legit na mabait kasi ang Miss Mong ❣️ Family Oriented pa ❣️👏

  6. Jihyo used to show simple and more like tomboyish personality on running man.. she also use to be very quite and seems like a person who's always blank all the time,,, but apart from running man, she's really look so pretty, professional, and seems so bright and feminine..

  7. i hope running man crew, production teams and guests will treat her like this… she deserve the attention… she's considered really pretty in korea, she's super popular, she's kind and is a great person…

  8. i really hope that Ji Hyo unnie will end up with someone who loves her and she loves, and have a happy family😭

  9. She is like the early 20 when in rm 2012 , I can’t believe she is 30 that time and even some young guy guests thought she is lying 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  10. *KJK Mom also wants to ask jihyo to marry KJK
    Spartace supporter: We feel you Mommy!We want the same!Jeballl😂😍

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