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25 Replies to “Software Cracking serial keys working 100% [Reverse Engineering]”

  1. Download FULL (100% Working) Malwarebytes Premium v3.0.6.1469 :!8fZhHbZL!Y7C3utIsHHOiSt8aTQO9g7ZhOpD0mCEZ_UCSEQx_J0g

  2. Think I'll become a hacker lmao. Honestly, that was fuckin' amazing. So am I right here, you can download any trial software and using this technique REGISTER IT.

    Anyways, keep up the great work. Regards

  3. Hi! I have a big problem. I have a java emulator (Sjboy Extreme) When i start this program with attached .jar file then start the another dialog window with this character (ÉýĽ¶ĚáĘľ) and one button (ok). Now if i click the "ok" button or "x" then start IE automatically. How can i detect this subrutin in the sjboy-ex.exe? This character is not found the strings! Can you help me? The AVG detect the virus XD

  4. Excellent Job Sir.. Has potentially solved an 100K$ issue for my company… Thanks a ton and please keep up the good work..


  5. you have copied my video, i may file a case of copyright violation against you, please take it down as soon as possible.

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