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10 Replies to “So Ji Sub/ -G- "Lonely Life" trailer”

  1. мужчина мечта и так улыбается и смотрит. глаза и взгляд такие чувственные порвал немало женских и девичьих сердец красава.😊😂💖👍

  2. Annyeong! It is a new version of the G! Really beautiful Jisub ssi of this time. All of the young beauty and hair style and costume is the best match. And convincing performance even though there is no dialogue. It is painful and nice too.〝 I am Ghost” I also like, but, G is also love.
    I feel is good for off shot has been edited naturally. G as a strong character, and, unvarnished playful jisub ssi, is Which is also nice. Always feel your love for him, I also got a fine.

  3. Always appreciative of your passion, hard work and love for this amazing guy. ..beautiful absolutely…Thank you for sharing, SJS FIGHTING! 😃 😃

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