So Ji Sub / (Eng. Sub) "Jisub's cooking "

from Fan meeting 2013


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30 Replies to “So Ji Sub / (Eng. Sub) "Jisub's cooking "”

  1. I don't know what it is about this guy – but after watching one of his dramas on Netflix, I am hooked! he just has an appeal that is mesmerizing! Now a newly married man with a baby on the way, I could not be happier for him! I know he will be a GREAT Dad! for sure! Watching these dramas of him interacting with kids makes them even more fun to watch. Can't wait to see what's next is the way of a drama or movie …. He is such a wonderful & talented human 👍

  2. Precioso, hermoso So Ji sub, el mejor actor y rapero, tan resuelto cocinando y dejando todo limpio, gracias por estos vídeos y por ser tan divertido, besitos desde Barcelona, España

  3. Haha today I wonder what jisub like to eat and I find this .. I am Australian and I break my English when I talk in person and now I do it when I write too! Haha respect

  4. Santo cielo este hermoso oppa sabe hacer todo actua canta cocina cuando esta nadando se ve hermoso o esquiando por eso me fascina 😙

  5. His wife or significant other, fortunate. There is not not one female I work with that can cook. Their male counterparts does the cooking. I used to cook with my husband and it was a lot of fun. I do not cook anymore. If I do not eat in the hospital then I just starve at night. That is why I like working 16 hr shifts because I eat at the hospital! Thanks I enjoyed it. Save some for me, doll!

  6. he is so cute and cool at the same time … why he does not have instagram account ….anybody here know his instagram?

  7. He is just a simple man thats why he is love by many..he can cook, a swimmer, a rapper and great actor…thanks for sharing videos like this..✌🏻️❤️😍💋

  8. wow He's surprising. Ji Sub…cooking?!! It's different but I like it. Who's your GF? I want to know her. Suerte!

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