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32 Replies to “So I Played Dragon Ball Z in Minecraft…”

  1. Rest in peace, Jin.
    Upon posting this video, I was made aware that the creator of this mod, Jin, passed away recently. This video was created with entertainment and comedic purposes only, and I had no intention to upset anybody with the jokes made in this video.

    Please download and support this creative and awesome mod if you want to give it a try – I had a blast playing it and I hope you do too.

    Once again, RIP Jin – may your legacy and creativity live on.

  2. if minecraft were like this with a bunch of game that represent itself not like minecraft but still minecraft then it will be like roblox as such it will be the best game that you will ever play but sadly nobody ever did such awesome thing and here we are stuck like this .

  3. I don’t know how to Ponca it cut easy you know how to type in my IP in chat it where I walk and I actually know but that person number jealous cause I know hundred end of YouTube channels do it

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