Singapore Tonight: Feb 11

The headlines for Singapore Tonight on Feb 11: COVID-19 measures cushioned the impact on the Singapore economy last year, SIA’s first flights with fully vaccinated crew take off and muted celebrations across the country to welcome the Chinese New Year.


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  2. West gone crazy with this hysteria. Any feel good effect know is thanks to money printing. When that is over see the economy then.

  3. Situation in Myanmar (Feb 13, 2021)

    Night are not safe anymore with serious violation of Basic Human Rights in Myanmar. The military just announced that they invoke article 419 to revoke article 5, 7 and 8 of 2008 constitution (basic human rights protection of the people ). The effects are:
    1) they can arrest without warrants;
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    3) they can track people down;
    4) they can seek for information from the operators;
    5) they can detain people for more than 24 hours.
    According to those, they can go in and out every house without any permission or warrent, and they can search everywhere and can arrest everyone.The military released the prisoners yesterday. The released prisoners tried to poison the apartment water tanks in several townships during night time. Yesterday Night, released prisoners throw "Fire Rings" and burning in most streets of Tharkayta, Yangon around 8:30PM. Tonight the prisoners were putting poison in the drinking water pipes of apartments in NgaMoeYeik Township, Yangon. Myanmar people have to build barriers around the streets or wards to protest themselves from the criminals released from prisons by the military. Local people arrest them and ask the prisons about who order them to do it.
    Please help us, please let world knows our situation.

  4. Will compulsory vaccinations be spread to all other sectors providing servicea to mass public and tourism sectors?

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  7. Please get this right. It is not CNY. It should be Chinese Lunar New Year. The new year is based on Lunar Calendar.

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    Reduce ministers salaries by 50% to match present economic situation .

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  10. Please ASEAN countries help Myanmar peoples fight for democracy. Join US and put sanction on Military leader as they have a lot of businesses in Singapore Vietnam Thailand.
    Pl freeze their accesses. They are now putting cyber laws with the help of China.

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