Siku Citroen DS. French Connection: Philippe Dupont

A new paint job and a lot of detail on this French classic.
“FRENCH CONNECTION” is a series of videos and projects that have a common denominator…Life in the late 60’s and early 70’s in Europe and of course the cars people used to drive at the time

1965/1975 was a very impressive decade. We saw and lived moments like the birth of the miniskirt, the assassination of ML King, the man on the moon, Woodstock, The Vietnam War, Watergate, Beatlemania, Hippies, Hendrix, The Flintstones, 007, Microsoft is born, Franco dies, Yo-Yo rolls, The Cold War, Summer of Love, Cuba, Coca Cola, The Love Bug, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, Action Man, Colour TV, Mission Impossible and many more…..

This story is set in a small town in the south of France anytime between 1965/1975. It reflects the ordinary lives of ordinary people, their dreams, their problems and nevertheless…their cars

Thanks for watching. I hope you enjoy my work and if you like it, don’t forget to subscribe, like and comment. Let me know your ideas or thoughts.

Peace & Love

Music by Dan Lebowitz

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40 Replies to “Siku Citroen DS. French Connection: Philippe Dupont”

  1. Love the story you put behind the build…the color is perfect for the car. Maybe you can answer my question….why does it have two different number plates? Keep up the builds and stay safe

  2. That's a nice casting. You even got the chrome pillars right, something the manufacturer overlooked (probably to save costs). Looks great. Gaston is no doubt pleased with his new ride, which means you'll probably get more business from this customer group!

  3. Looks so much better in blue, ! really fun you are doing these sikus, not so usual ones. And looking forward to the simca, a majorette ? or siku that too ?

  4. I am sorry you glued the doors shut. I think they are better when doors or hoods or trunks open. But you did a hell of a good job on that. I am sure Monsieur Dupont is very happy.

  5. Superb result again Juan. A great colour and finish to the Siku Citroen. I simply adore the French Connection series… looking forward to that Simca and seeing how the story pans out… 😁🇨🇵

  6. Beautiful looking car Juan. These seem to be high quality castings and your paint and the added details have finished it off brilliantly. Top work indeed !! 👌👍🏆

    Cheers for now,

  7. Great job! Great story! Gaston had better like his car, it's better than new! The paint is fantastic and it's detailing us first rate. I love watching your videos, please don't change. Has anyone ever mentioned that as a Spaniard living in Britain, you are nothing like Manuel on Fawlty Towers. From here in far off Canada, he's my only frame of reference

  8. I had a Simca 1100 in the early 80s, it was a fun car to drive on curvy gravel roads. Then the engine gave up, and I got another simca. A crahed one, but the engine was good. A 1308GT. With the help of my father, we made it fit in there. But there was some problems with the gearbox, I dont remember if it was the space between the wheels or problems to make it work with the stick inside the car, but we went with the old gearbox. But it worked. I miss that hairpin mistress like hell. Just go in, tap the brakes, the backend goes out, and give it gas!! No electronics helping you if you fucked up back then, you had to drive the mother.

  9. I'll be sad to see the end of the French Connection as I'm really enjoying it. I think it is unique on the diecast video circuit so I hope you will consider a series 2. Perhaps a tale of outback everyday America or Australia.
    Top job on the car, I do love the Citroen DS, such a classic icon. Thanks for sharing Juan and stay safe buddy.

  10. What a great job on this restoration, love the paint and detailing and good call on removing the white lettering on the tires as it really did not suit this car at all. Well done. Take good care, be well and stay safe.

  11. Stunning Citroën DS Juan , looks a whole lot better in that blue colour. Incedently l,have a matchbox version in black l detailed it with some chrome around the windows and bumpers. I really love the futuristic styling of these cars 😊👍

  12. You turned a somewhat ordinary casting into a sharp little model. Cheers Juan, and stay safe! And definitely looking forward to more French Connection videos.

    Here in my hometown of Buffalo, NY, the "French Connection" name refers to the greatest hockey frontline in Buffalo Sabres history; C Gilbert Perreault, LW Rick Martin and RW Rene Robert. Martin used the English pronunciation of his name, but whenever he scored in Montreal, the French pronunciation of his name was used, REE-shard MAR-tan.

  13. Yet another top notch restoration job, mate…one of my favourite French cars, too!! I'm loving this 'French Connection' saga; it sounds like you have some very shady characters in your French diecast town…haha. Anyway, I hope you're keeping well, mate. Stay safe, Juan…

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