Shallon Lester – Pedophile, Psychopath or No?

Shallon Lester – Pedophile, Psychopath or No?
The internet is on fire after D’Angelo Wallace recently called Shallon Lester a pedophile for her 10 year old twitter comments about Justin Bieber. Subsequent drama channels jumped on board and Shallon has been called transphobic, racist, toxic and even a psychopath.
Is Shallon really a Pedophile? Or is she a Psychopath? Or is she just not?
Playing the devil’s advocate and keeping things in perspective are two of Freedom Vivians mild super powers and in this video she addresses the issues surrounding the trending topic of Shallon Lester.


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42 Replies to “Shallon Lester – Pedophile, Psychopath or No?”

  1. ATTENTION – Any ugly, rude or foul comments will be removed and the perp will be blocked. By all means have an opinion but keep it civil. Thanks in advance.

  2. Wow, you're giving her excuses galore. So disgusted. You don't even think that what she said was creepy? You didn't have any reaction like that? Wow……. 😮 😮 😮

  3. Thank you so much for this video! Calling someone a predator and a child molester is a very serious allegation, and if it were true someone would have provided evidence to the authorities by now. No one really cared about her "problematic" behavior until she dared to criticize their favorite boy band.

  4. Shallon Lester has said in 2 videos that her therapist has diagnosed her with Covert Narcissism. Predatory behavior is part of Narcissism.

  5. I enjoyed your commentary. You are spot on about patriarchy, male privilege and bias. Shallon is getting the same treatment she is provides to others in terms of armchair diagnosis. You are a true Feminist and the strength in your analysis is reasonableness. Thank you.

  6. 13:25 in the US , around 2007, VH1 ran The Pickup Artist. This reality show taught a whole generation of young men to do exactly what Freedom is talking about. It was so demeaning towards women. It really makes me sad just thinking lots of young men took that to heart.

  7. So interesting! I love topics like this. Would love for you to give your thoughts on narc Jodi Arias and her victim Travis Alexander. That case fascinates me because Jodi and Travis were both textbook narcs. Of course he did not deserve to be murdered but he truly did play all the narc games on the wrong one, Jodi. I think there are lots of lessons found in their story. Esp how dangerous narcs can be. Thanks Ms. Freedom for another great video!

  8. Hi darling girl, sounds like a mammoth smear campaign to me. “As women, we have to get used to being ogled the moment we start showing boobs and hips……… “ so true my friend, what a shit state the world is, like you say “ it’s not a school yard” these terrible smears lead to victims being successful in suicide, wish people could just…… shut the f… up sometimes, really hurtful and sad. Love to you hun 💕💕💕

  9. Freedom, I agree with you that the motivation behind such malicious gossip is often serious 'groupie' mentality, with people–especially narcissists and other cluster B toxic people–needing to form their groups to villify others and make themselves feel better. Years ago during my narcopath ex episode, some people claiming to be 'friends' were actually gossiping behind my back to make groundless accusations such as that of me being a 'psychopath' ('crazy') or 'pedophile', when there was absolutely no evidence for those claims! Why did they do so, one might ask, if not out of malice and jealousy towards me? It simply didn't make sense and I still don't understand that inherent hostility and bitchiness emanating from them. Some were guys at that too, so that really explodes the stereotype of women being gossip-mongers.

  10. Everything you said – 100000%
    Thank you for making this video.
    For 2 weeks, youtube has been full of woman-hating ignorant uninformed men suddenly realising that 'predatory behaviours are bad.' And denying that this has always been women's reality. But the second it affects them in any way, suddenly they have an issue.

  11. She does lie a lot and trips herself up, but that's all I know. I don't like her but I don't know enough about her beyond the few videos I have watched before.

  12. I should mention in several videos ( long time watcher here) she admits to having been diagnosed as a narcissist, I find her amusing bit I am aware she has narc traits. She’s a low end of the spectrum narc she said the psychiatrist said I choose to believe this.

  13. I love your approach-as always. TY, Sister🧚💖So mature. I hope Shallon sees this. It would encourage her

  14. TY for this very mature approach to what people are doing right now. Anyone could be dragged over things we all do and say. They are all jumping on the bandwagon. I think an apology (from her) might be a good idea right about now-just to be on the safe side

  15. Poor Shallon. I've always loved her, but didn't agree with some if her content. She's a lovely person. I hope she makes it thru all this. Ready to Glare just did a vid on her. Shallon is quirky and funny-i don't think she meant any harm. And-comparing her to Epstein or Weinstien?? Really!? They are reaching

  16. Since she's a narcissist, she thrives on attention- good or bad. That's why she says controversial things

  17. She seems abusive though and you've said all over your channel abusers never change but apparently she has? I'm confused

  18. Justin Bieber obviously sounded and looked very young so I don't under stand how you can say it's his fault he's sexualized and she couldn't help herself that's victim blaming, would it be different if she was a man?
    Excuse me 25 years old is a pretty good age to understand appropriate boundaries, I'm only 24 and I understand that!
    Let's hope no one comes forward against her if she's harassed anyone.
    Shallons audience is targeted at young teenagers which is obviously problematic that's why people are talking about it.
    Shallon is sexist and just as bad as these men youre saying we should fight, she's part of the problem.
    You have contradicted yourself by saying yeah she's a bitch but that's her world so she gets away with it? That's a just giving her permission to avoid responsibility.
    The hate doesn't change anything but people have the freedom to speak out against her toxic advice

  19. Hey Hun, I've watched her, I find her attitude very toxic….I just hope her followers don't learn from her, thanks for covering this 😊💕

  20. Shallon Lester's Evil Week videos on how to exploit others' shadow self and weaknesses probably came back to bite her. While I certainly don't see her as a pedophile, or a psychopath, she suffers a lot from this rather histrionic and bluntly rude tendency to shoot off her mouth. This is definitely what got her into trouble.

  21. It’s very upsetting how people use words like “pedophile”, “psychopath”, “predator” etc. for situations and people that do not warrant the use of those words. Those words get diluted and they lose their meaning. People are addicted to categorizing people into extremes, instead of seeing that everyone is on a continuum and 95% of the world lives in more gray areas.

  22. That's the problem it wasn't one comment every other video she makes she's talking about boys and she looked up the age of consent so she could sleep with the youngest possible people and still be within the law those were her words she said I looked it up

  23. I've watched her a long time. I like some of her advice. On one or two of her videos she admitted to being a narcissist.

  24. So glad to hear the thoughts of someone grounded and mature. I've stayed fairly neutral and observant about this whole Shallongate.
    The initial video made by Dangelo that kicked this off, I thought was appropriate to address some harmful things she said about people with mental health issues. I think she had that coming and she spends her time trashing people so I didn't feel bad for her but…all of this bandwagon drama that's followed is ridiculous and hypocritical.

  25. In my opinion as a health care professional her content to me is mean, irresponsible and dangerous.. In your video you say that others can not diagnose others with being a sociopath or a psychopath. This is true but ironically that what she publically does to other people. She openly.essentially called Ellen a psychopath and all of the Kardashians narcissists, Jennifer Lopez a narcissist and that's only a three of the many that she openly diagnosed in the public arena. If there will be any law suits the stars that have the money and resources to pursue it will be the one to do it. If you haven't watched I invite you to pull up her video on Ellen. That's just for staters.
    I have long said that she is slandering them and it's only a matter of time before they shut her down. Her comments about suicide is not only cruel, it is irresponsible and dangerous. She is not a mental health professional and she should NOT be diagnosing anyone or speaking as an authority on mental health issues except her own. She should not be calling any one a narcissist, sociopath or psychopath but she does all the time ESPECIALLY circulating overr the internet.

  26. Oh my goodness! For a second I thought you had jumped on the "Cancel" wagon, I was like oh no, not Freedom aswell! I never comment on videos but I have been following you for well over 6 months now and this is why I love you. Your perspective about the whole situation is exactly what I have been thinking. I've been following Shallon for about a year, I don't agree with the bad things she has said but she does have a few gems of advice in the rough. I slowly found great channels like yours and others, which aslo helped me through a breakup after a very abusive 7 year relationship with a narcissist. I do see how people are upset with some things she has said… but like you say people only seeing the bad because that's what they seek. I was looking for advice at the time, yes there were moments where I was like "did she really just say that?" but the bad was surrounded by good. She may need to sit with herself and reflect on this and her comments but the cancel culture on YouTube is so awful and no better than the 10 years worth of bad things she has said. Thank you so much for posting on this subject!

  27. I also just realised half the videos people are commenting on were from her "EVIL WEEK" series. Where she literally gave evil advice that was contrary to her normal turn the other cheek or ignore them etc.

  28. I never heard of her is she the one that talked about Tom Hanks?
    Can u do a video about teenagers ordering online it's very dangerous my daughter did it & I'd stopped her from meeting them she was buying a cellphone

  29. pedo = child

    children are under 14 yrs old.

    16 yr olds are young adults. period.
    …by God's law, the only law that matters.

    she likes cute young men. so effing what??!! get over it losers.

  30. I am subscribed to her and have been for a long time, my opinion at most she’s a narcissist not a pedaphile or psychopath

  31. I didn’t know about this. But have listened to her a (very) few times- particularly one recently where she was saying Ellen was a psychopath. So seeing this I immediately wondered if this is retribution !?

  32. 👏Well said 💖.. People also need to remember that she might "act" a bit "extra" for the camera so she keeps her channel entertaining for her audience and keeps them interested and coming back for more!! I personally 💖 her!! I think she's funny and I love the way she speaks her mind without giving a you know what. Shallon has also admitted in one of her prior video's that she's a different person in her personal life..she's not as harsh and more mellow outside of social media. It's just people jealous of her success!

  33. I have always liked the content of Shallon's channel, and my opinion hasn't changed. God forbid if anyone find out some of my 25 year old escapades. People are digging up dirt for nefarious reasons. That energy could go to more constructive purposes.

  34. so many men have these channels literally teaching how to string along women for years,manipulate and dump them excusing this behavior with -''she has issues '' and one woman just says stuff so you know and identify when men pull off these manipulations and all these channels attack. all she does is analyze manipulations so you realize when it is done to you. people are cowards and would never attack a channel who teaches men to use woman.double standards!

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