Setting the Record Straight!! RESPONSE VIDEO to Shallon Lester

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42 Replies to “Setting the Record Straight!! RESPONSE VIDEO to Shallon Lester”

  1. I don’t think she knows anything about him. He did a lot of things that were charitable. It’s not hard to find info about him and how giving he was. I think they want to make Elvis a villain because so many people still adore him. Was he perfect? No. He wasn’t. He was a human being. He had problems just like all of us.

  2. Priscilla says he never slept with her after lisa was born. Just like priscilla said Elvis was a germophobic???. Alot of what priscilla says is meant to shock so it sells. Elvis Presley was in no way a dodgy character. If he was then things would of been known a long time ago. Its another atemp to put Elvis's Character into question.

  3. I’m late to this vid you issued it last month , this girl s vid is click bait she has no factual documentation witness interviews or statements to back this up . Also on E not achieving a legacy or giving , rem the biggest live televised event up until live aid Aloha from Hawaii was for cancer research not to mention the huge amount of charitable things E did WITHOUT seeking publicity . She an idiot that’s as polite as I can be . Keep up the good work man good luck for new year from 🇮🇪 TCB

  4. Thank you for this video. Normally, I would say people like that disgusting woman don't even warrant a response but in today's day and age it's better not to leave any slanderous accusation unchallenged.

  5. Is she for real? Elvis was so generous. He gave money to St. Judes and also donated money for the USS Arizona Memorial in Hawaii.

  6. This woman is very sick. She doesn't know what she is talking about, and if she knew how wrong her facts were she would not care.

  7. Thanks for setting the record straight! That woman is probably a Trump fan because they want their truths to be the proven and accepted truth. Crazy!

  8. SHAME on her & her vile mouth!! this shit really boils my blood, we know what a good man of morals, manners & how respectful he was, his generosity in helping others is an understatement!! Gave his life to please his fans~ Who the hell is she? Moron🤬 to dare say that about €lvis is disgusting ~

  9. She doesn't have a clue about Elvis's work with children, vaccination etc… I am appalled by her!!
    Elvis was so kind, she can't even imagine..

  10. As you mentioned even Priscilla said that she was a virgin. Why would a 24 year old man hang out with 14 year old? Can you please clear that part of the logic? Definitely sounds like Elvis liked doing homework with Priscilla ?

  11. This woman is off base on the charity criticism. Elvis gave tons of money to charity, and never accepted a single tax receipt, or wrote his contribution off (I guess that doesn't make him "smart" like a certain New York real estate tycoon/politician ;). And he didn't pick and choose who to give to based on race, religion, etc. On the other hand…

    When it comes to the virgin critique, it's a bit nuanced. She may be referencing that fact that many of Elvis' close friends (I.E Memphis Mafia) and Priscilla have said that he was fine with dating girls who had been "around" a bit. But he could never marry anyone like that. He wanted his wife to be a virgin (which she was) and he thought that if he could find someone young enough, he could mold her into what he wanted. Priscilla has specifically said that he refused to have relations with her until they were married because he wanted her to be a virgin until the big day. So did he have a preference for a virgin for a wife, I think so. It that evil? Not if they're of age. Being religious, that may just be something he preferred. Did he like young girls? Well…that one is a bit more complicated based on who he married. He liked them young…but how young. Jerry Lee Lewis young? He didn't date any woman who were older than he was so…But if an older man, preferring to date a younger woman is wrong, it's an epidemic lol.

    this is her info.

  13. This woman has obviously escaped from the phyco asylum for lunatics and has been paid by an ELVIS hater .
    I feel a defamation case coming on .

  14. This person doesn't know anything about the 👑 of music he said she said so much haters and envious thanks for sharing and protecting the 👑 she's so fake 😡 every thing that came of her mouth was awful❤the GOAT.🙏 amen.

  15. Thank you for stating the facts. That girl is one messed up individual and she talks about Elvis and teenage girls when she's so obsessed with Justin Bieber and she's like in her forties. She is a sick individual and I agree I have no idea where she got her facts

  16. Trying to run a messed-up Elvis music at Elvis itself I don't believe nothing comes out of that woman's mouth thank you

  17. That lady running her mouth like that she don't know what the hell she talking about bigger head down a toilet bowl

  18. She's a crazy delusional woman ( ???) She should get her facts straight. Priscilla was already in her 20s when they got married in 1967, they met in '59, do the math, duh! If she want proof of his humanitarian efforts, go to Graceland and see for herself his wall of plaques/award from different charitable organizations/institutions, besides his personal acts of kindness to families, friends and total strangers. Everyone, celebrities and ordinary people alike who met Elvis have nothing but praise and nice words to say about him except this woman, who is a nobody. What's her problem anyway, jealous Elvis was so loved ❤ and still popular 43 years after his death.

  19. I can totally understand why you feel the need to defend Elvis and debunk this obviously very sick and damged womans video. However for me you are just giving her more attention which is obviously what she wants. It is so much better for all of us Elvis fans to not waste time talking about the haters but use the time to watch or listen to the man that has added so much to our lives, and still does.

  20. Pricilla chased Elvis and manipulated him very well from all the interviews I have seen she was no victim then she went on and played that same game with Mike Stone after meeting his wife and children.

  21. Thank you for setting the record straight about the false accusations made against by this woman. In fact, it was Prscilla's wish to go and live with Elvis in Graceland. She told her parents " if you don't let me go, you will be ruining my life. She cried and was inconsolable. She even wanted to have sex with Elvis but Elvis refused. Elvis did sleep with Prscilla after she gave birth to Lisa Marie. When Priscilla was interviewed on a show in the UK. She said that Elvis continued to have sex with her. Please see " Loose Women" . Elvis was a very charitable person, a philanthropist. The money raised by many of his concerts was given to charities, including the Aloha from Hawaii. Where they raised over 75,000 dollars. Back in 1973 $75,000 was a lot of money. Elvis was not the type of person to show off about helping charities because he was not in it for the limelight. He gave money to hospitals, and charities. People like to drag his name through the mud maybe because of jealousy or being mis- informed about him. Whether he likes his women to have virginal qualities is a matter of taste. He is entitled to his preferences. But he would never ever force a girl to do anything she didn't want to do. Elvis did not know Prscilla was only 14. She did not tell Elvis she was 14. She looked older. And he got her parents blessings . She would write to him from Germany begging him to let her come to be with her. It was not Davis's idea. Prscilla was screwed woman. She new that if she did not go to be with him in Memphis some other girl would have him. She was worried that another will be in her place. She emotionally blackmailed her parents to let her go to Graceland. She was crying so much her parents were really worried about her mental health and emotional health. Eventually her parents gave in.. at least Elvis never took advantage of Prscilla sexually. No woman ever complained about Elvis . I will defend Elvis always when I know that people have fabricated stories. I know Elvis was not a saint. I know he made mistakes just like any other person. I love Elvis very much throughout my life. He is not here to defend himself. People make unsubstantiated comments about him. Not fair.

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