Sen: Sanders, 'Do I Think That This Bill Was Well-Negotiated? I Don't' | Andrea Mitchell | MSNBC

Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) joins Andrea Mitchell to discuss the COVID relief package negotiations on Capitol Hill. Sen. Sanders says “Everything that is in that package is vitally needed. The problem is it is a much smaller amount than the country needs in this moment of economic desperation. ” Sanders also commented on whether he thinks Biden’s cabinet is diverse enough, saying “To me, diversity is a very big word, in the sense that you want a cabinet to look like America-but more important is having. Aired on 12/16/2020.
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Sen: Sanders, ‘Do I Think That This Bill Was Well-Negotiated? I Don’t’ | Andrea Mitchell | MSNBC


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49 Replies to “Sen: Sanders, 'Do I Think That This Bill Was Well-Negotiated? I Don't' | Andrea Mitchell | MSNBC”

  1. Bernie! Use your tremendous political skills and call in some markers. Find yourself a better partner than Josh Hawley. Holding hands with the devil is never a good look. A person is judged by the company he keeps. Would you join the Hells Angels to support one of their rare “good causes”?

  2. MIserable socialista despues de 10 meses de discusiones se disfraza de defensor del pueblo de enemigo de las desigualdades, mentiroso, le da al pueblo americano un " PAN DURO" como alivio miserable cuando el no ha dejado de recibir su jugoso cheque puntualmente a pesar de la pandemia a los socialistas les conviene una población pobre, dependiente y manipulable. De verdad que maldad disfrazándose " del buena gente" del Senado y después de 10 meses de espera les tira un pan duro.

  3. that's taken money and food from people its a shame stealing the American people tax dollars while people is seriously suffering. and they have a 908 billion dollars packages is very wrong..

  4. Dear mr sanders I have not authorize anybody to take me on the income tax I didn’t get the first check in at like I’m not gonna get the second stimulus check if a person making $100,000 can get a stimulus check why can’t we get it and nobody gave me no money from no income tax


  6. yes I'll do need to do something and do it today not next week not next year but today it's pretty bad when we can't even get a covid-19 test without having to pay $100 to $400 dollars here in Jacksonville Florida I don't understand why any America's have to pay a dam thing for it , we didn't cause this problem. I'm sure y'all can't wait to go on Christmas vacation either it's all y'all worried about you're all family your own kind . I hope you all get voted off get your hands out of the pot it's a taxpayer's money not yours

  7. Congress hears the terms: "working class, feeding their kids, homelessness, unemployment, etc."… they think of poor POC. When the majority are not POC.

  8. Bernie Sanders's for house speaker Pelosi need's to go she's turned traded on the american people kick her out thank you Bernie for what your doing for the american people

  9. Why isn’t Bernie our president? He the only person that talks the talk and walks the walk when standing up for the people.

  10. You are all talk and no action! Settling for 600.00 stimulus checks! All members of congress are worthless,self serving failures! 🤬👎👎

  11. $600! Are you kidding me! Take this stimulus check & put it where the sun don’t shine!!! The Feds were printing money everyday and putting trillions in the stock market and they give you peanuts! This is a complete disgrace!!!

  12. Pandemics, market crashes, etc show us just how stupid capitalism (with all of the inequalities it empowers) really is. This crisis would be much, much easier if we all had universal healthcare, tuition free education, internet for all and a UBI.

    It would be easier still if we all had home, business and covered parking rooftop solar arrays, electric vehicles, indoor, outdoor and vertical food gardens in every home, business, school, grocery store, restaurant, public park and land, etc and if more of us studied and worked remotely from home.

    Let’s STOP TRYING TO SAVE CORPORATIONS AND SMALL BUSINESSES with selective bailouts and instead simply put capitalism on hold (mortgages and loans, rent, interest, dividends, late fees, utilities, etc), launch universal healthcare, a UBI, universal education and internet for all! #NoCorporateBailoutsRequired

    #TooFarLeft #StillSandersPlatform

    Education is a good investment from an individual, family, community or national perspective and tuition free education will reduce the burden from the root on our medical expenses too for example.

    Healthcare for all is actually CHEAPER with the insurance industry off of the table along with most of the time lost due to billing among many other reasons.

    A universal basic income (UBI) is CHEAPER than all of the thousands of individual federal, state and local social safety net programs including things like Social Security and unemployment insurance, etc with all of their budgets, overhead expenses and inefficiencies eliminating the humiliating need for people to lose time to prove their poverty to qualify for aid.

    Internet for all is a great and necessary investment to give everyone the opportunity to study, search for work, work remotely, etc online.

    Solar power is CHEAPER and electric vehicles are soon to be CHEAPER to make and already are considerably CHEAPER to maintain and operate, especially if charged from your own solar power.

    What do you think will happen to crime rates, peace and equality in general after we launch universal healthcare, a universal basic income, universal education and internet for all, raising the starting point of capitalism from zero, we’ll let you die with no money, to a level of life with dignity, reducing societal daily fears on a massive scale and freeing us to welcome the automation revolution with open arms rather than with fear and great harm? 😃 #EqualityMovement #BLM

    Call me overly positive, but I think we’re leaving the era of ‘greed is good’ and celebrating wealth and entering an #EraOfAltruism and equality. Let’s #AutomateEverything and #SkipToAbundance.

  13. Bernie said they need to fix the working class families earning starvation wages wow that’s serious Imagine Bernie made the presidency!” 🤔🤔🤔🤔

  14. I pray to God president Elect joe Biden will pick sanders for. Labor Secretary and julian castro former Housing Secretary for a. Secretary job
    Honestly l don't know. Why president. Elect joe Biden is. Not picking does we want in his. Cabinet

  15. We need more progressives and people who believe in modern monetary theory.  Period.  We NEED to put the pressure on president joe biden for executive action on student loan forgiveness on day one.  As the law allows.

  16. Senator Sanders stands for the need of people. He cares about the people. Bless your your heart sir. I salute you yor are our hero.

  17. WHY is the republican Congress so stingy with this relief bill??? The money is not theirs. The money came from the people who now need it. Come on!!

  18. U go Bernie u tell them. We need more people like u to help all Americans and all on SSI SSD SSDA SSDI VETERANS NOW AS TOLDAY SENT IT OUT ASAP

  19. Tell it like it is Bernie, because Democrats are too wishy-washy and passive-aggressive, they don't fight hard enough, and it always seems like they're waiting to see if some problems will just blow over!!!

  20. Wish Bernie was the incoming president, he'd take less crap. I get 160 a week unemployment and would like to at least have that extended for a couple more months, but it's over in a week with my old job not existing anymore and no car because I sold it for rent. Happy new year…not really, might have been better to be a statistic, life I had is over.

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