Sen. Bernie Sanders questions Biden's interior secretary nominee on climate change

Sen. Bernie Sanders questioned Rep. Deb Haaland, Biden’s pick for Secretary of the Interior, on the dangers of climate change.


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34 Replies to “Sen. Bernie Sanders questions Biden's interior secretary nominee on climate change”

  1. Call Senators and ask to support Deb Haaland for Interior Secretary. See Native Organizers Alliance for reasons why. She is what this nation needs to reset for survival.

  2. Love You, Bernie! And I think Ms. Haaland is a superior pick for Secretary of the Interior. GREEN NEW JOBS FOR ALL AMERICANS!

  3. Bernie is great but she should have been asked about how her tribe has screwed over (and continue to do so every chance they get) the Hopi & Zuni tribes (especially regarding land & resource theft; not to mention artistic design theft). Also, she gave no real specifics, which makes me wonder if it won't just be tribal politics as usual.

  4. Hog wash…. if they really thought climate change is a big deal why do they still sell beachfront property if ocean levels are rising no bank would loan the money one thing Banks don't do lose money

  5. No one mentions liquid molten salt energy converters- walk-away safe; ambient pressure; load following $1/Watt capitalised – ask Indonesia about their PPA with ThorCon🥝🥝🙏

  6. It's sad that it's taken this long to allow a Native American representative into a higher position of power. :O/-

  7. If Bernie Sanders vote yes for this sorry a** women neera then I will lose the last respect I ever have for bernie sanders

  8. If anything good comes from the Biden Administration, it will come from the Goodness, Sec. nominee Rep. Haaland will bring. Congratulations Rep. Haaland. In the Spirit of Oceti Sacowin, Mni Wiconi

  9. This is how to save ourselves —— cancel currency, get rid of money and greed. Reduce human activities significantly.

  10. Just goes to show you that Biden was never going to help the American people. He was only ever in it for the donor money. That why he refuses to put any real progressives to handle the it. That's why both the DNC leadership and the republicans banded together to stop Bernie from being elected president.

  11. Why are we still paying the natives? They need to get off their asses and work and not live off the government. We are paying them twice a month they get our Social Security. Wake up people. They have there own land a “sovereign nation” they have it on the government but I live off of ours!

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