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42 Replies to “SEA Pop | Southeast Asian Pop Groups 2021 ( Ppop Vpop Tpop Mpop Ipop )”

  1. NO HATE BUT THE VPOP GIRLS AT AROUND 2MIN SOUNDS LIK GFRIEND,, I THOUGHT THEY WERE COVERING GFRIENDS SONG,, im sorry my phone is in capslock im too lazy to repeat it again

  2. …kung yung mga Thais nga naaccept nila ang BNK48 (w/c is heavily influenced by JPOP / AKB48) naging pambansang awit na yung Koisuru Fortune Cookie song sa bansa nila…kahit Kpop dominated ang Thailand….why not na tayo ring mga Pilipino….tatanggapin ang idol concept na pinapakita ng mnl48…..

  3. everyone is great, from the vocal to choreography. Please support every groups and stop hating or bragging other groups.


  4. Kalau menurut gue sih yang megang masih Vietnam disusul Philippine kemudian Thailand Sorry kalau Indonesia masih Tertinggal jauh menurut gua mah

  5. Boyband Indonesia :
    1. Unity :
    2. Bforce :
    3. Nexgen :
    4. TGX :
    5. SMASH :

    Girlband Indonesia :
    1. Glass :
    2. Starbe :
    3. Foxyrose :
    4. JKT 48 :
    5. 7 Icons :

  6. just a year or 2 there's a smaller number of sea groups, I started with Trinity and SB19 but 2 years later…wooow new groups to stan! LEZZGOO SEAPOP!!!

  7. The good thing about SEA POP is that even though they HEAVILY copy from KPOP and JPOP, they embrace skin pigment…I mean, have you looked at KPOP? They are ALL white, with VERY FEW exceptions. Asians are not known for their white skin, but an alien looking at Korean media wouldn't think so…

  8. i just want to establish this. i dont think certain nationalities own concepts. i think we need to remove this stigma that once mvs have aesthetic features, its immediately considered "kpop-ish". let groups own their own concepts, its really inconsiderate to brand groups saying theyre "kpop-ish"

  9. goshhh I think guyyys meron nga tayong pag asa na umangat at yumaman ulit yung bansa natin stan lang natin yung mga Ppop mag 2 timer tayo parang kpop lang ako nga may bts ako tas may astro so why not na mag Stan ako ng Ppop Sb19 and alamat or bgyo I love it and pwede tayo mag post about them then aangat tayo guyss and di lang tayo ang pati bansa natin Soo i Hope lahat ng Phil kid teen and parent stan natin sila hehe luh pwede naman di ba?

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