Ryan Taylor on Dash updates, staking, chainlocks and the investment foundation


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10 Replies to “Ryan Taylor on Dash updates, staking, chainlocks and the investment foundation”

  1. If you want to stake your Dash in the most transparent Masternode Pool out there, use Cake: https://pool.cakedefi.com

  2. Just to be clear Dash masternodes are not really Proof of Stake. Those stakeholders aren't producing blocks. It's more of an incentivized service layer that requires skin in the game. Some call it Proof of Service, but I'm not sure that is the best name either. MNs service the network. They do not generate blocks. Anyway. Just want to make folks aware.

  3. Great interview. I like it when people go a little deeper with Ryan beyond the canned usual questions and answers, because he does know quite a lot, and have quite a bit of confidence that otherwise wouldn't show. A lot more interviewers would do well to take note on how to get the most out of their guest.

  4. Amazing interview!! You went through Dash's past, present and future in a seamless, fascinating flow of conversation. You can listen really well, you must be an awesome doctor!!

  5. Nice interview. I just want to say Ryan is the best CEO whe could ever have. He knows business, understands the tech. He became a great bridge between the old banking system and the new blockchain era. That's an adantage I intend to keep and profit from.

  6. Danke euch beiden für diesen Call und es zu teilen. Rayen wünsche dir gute Besserung! Julian, hätte eine bitte wenn du bei dem Persönlichkeit Kanal vielleicht auf die ganzen Tax und Legale Gesellschaften etwas eingehen könntest oder wie du dies für dich managest, lernst und co. Ist nur schon hier mit Dash und der Fundation wider interessant was alles machbar ist. Denke es ist sicher für viele Unternehmer auch noch etwas von dem sie zurück stossen um anzufangen..

  7. Julian, ich würde gerne euch beide immer sehen. Dan kann ich dich besser beobachten und vielleicht ein paar Social skills lernen 😉

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