Running Man Filming – Luxury Package In Switzerland or Shuddering Package In UK?

Running Man Filming – Luxury Package In Switzerland or Shuddering Package In United Kingdom?

This could be Episode 405 and 406.

Source: TvDaily, All-Around-KJK, Song Ji Hyo’s Instagram

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35 Replies to “Running Man Filming – Luxury Package In Switzerland or Shuddering Package In UK?”

  1. Now it got me thinking. What if the luxury team got the shuddering package and the shuddering team got the luxury package?? Luxury team might fight to get the sky walk and the shuddering team might betray each other to pay the luxury package. 😁😁😁😁 Just saying.

  2. Song ji hyo i like her 😉personality 💖inside and out side that why so many people like her not just one lay me ✌

  3. out of topic….i want a drama between lee sang yeob and jeon song min…hahahah… its not because of loveline but i think they are cute as a friend ☺️

  4. it's like Kwangsoo and Somin are always together whenever it comes to punishment trip and it's the same team again except for the temp. members when they had their trip to New Zealand and Australia…

  5. am i the only who is of penalty2 thingy? it's redundant. no new concepts/games. they always play song jihyo game, kwangsoo game and such. Thus, when they eat, the losing team always show talents for them to have food. IT'S BORINGGGG. I MISS MYUK PD

  6. Does anyone know which flight they took? I've been a fan of running man for over 5 years and I want to greet them in the airport but I don't know what time they will land in London? I've seen some flights but I don't know if I will make it on time because I live 2 hours from Heathrow. I wish I found out earlier 😭😭😭

  7. Tbh, luxury team kinda boring… Its like an exact replica of the japan episode where members relax around. Nothing too special. The main highlight i am looking out for was the shuderring team. Wing walking seems exciting and the ghost hotel, does have ghosts from the stories i seen.

  8. luxury trip have boring people (except haha), Penalty trip has the best and funny members they can create a lot of content, so i bet they will be more interesting to see it.

  9. hope nothing goes wrong with the wing walking punishment. TBH they shouldn't place their actor/actress in that kind of situation wherein accidents may happen.

  10. I actually want Song Ji hyo to experience the shuddering package for once, she was unlucky one time and got included but in the end, she's still in the luxury package team😆 songjihyoxsangyeob moments gone😢

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