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11 Replies to “Running Man Ep 60-20”

  1. If you noticed the last scene where he's leaving, it seems like his foot were awkwardly positioned while walking then suddenly it became straight. That is a reference to the movie "The Usual Suspects"(a must watch movie).

    Basically to sum it all up, Gary was the one fooling everyone by making them think he wasn't aware of the fact that the other cast members were fooling him. Someone also mentioned once how he even had a microphone on when stepping out of his car at the beginning, when he shouldn't have had one as he "just arrived." Could be for another reason, but it was an interesting point suggesting he was there even earlier having planed to fool everyone and thus staged "just getting there."

  2. Garry is the one who let them play with the game, full day. The weird walking in the end was a reference to the movie "The Usual Suspect". If you have watched the movie, you will understand why i say this and you will absolutely get goosebumps after watching this RM episode

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