Running Man Ep 408 Punishment Went Too Far? Jung Chul Min PD Response To Viewer Criticsm

Running Man Ep 408 Punishment Went Too Far? Jung Chul Min PD Response To Viewer Criticsm

Source: Soompi

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28 Replies to “Running Man Ep 408 Punishment Went Too Far? Jung Chul Min PD Response To Viewer Criticsm”

  1. I loved these episode. I first wanted to see the Luxury package because it looked interesting. But it became stale, especially when they had to back stab each other other for the bill, just to have it cleared by the walk. Grand it, betraying each other is part of the show, but it was humorless. The most laugh i got is when the guys prank the ladies. But the punishment made me laugh, especially the silent game. I laugh some much, I shared it to my boss who was at the VA hospital. He was so grateful for the laugh, because it help relieve stress, because the heart exam and later heart surgery he went through.

  2. yg mereka mainkan adalah permainan mahal, keselamatan pasti sudah di siapkan 100%. sebelum melakukan pasti setiap peserta tanda tangan perjanjian, yg siap maju ga siap mundur.

  3. If the staff would have also taken a couple of rides in the planes then it would me more fair. I STILL LOVE RUNNING MAN…. RUNNING MAN#1 FIGHTING!!! 우리는 사랑해요

  4. too far??? personally to me, it was by far the best. if they would travel on their own i bet it would be hard for them to experience it but thanks to RM, they went and experience it….Wing walking and the haunted hotel was funny though…we do know that they're scaredy cats hehehe but hey, see on the brighter side, they still go on with it and experience it at least once in their live…while the other group go for luxury tour, which not everyone can experience too, they did….i envy them..if i were given the chance to go there n getting paid to do so (as RM is also their job), i would and definitely will try and fight my fear too…

  5. This has become a global variety show. And this is how they should do it. They become great and greater than before for the content and idea. Why not? This is fun.

  6. its once in a lifetime experience and a safe air sport. Should be a good story to tell to their grandkids in the future. People complain all the time. Imo nevis swing is much more scarier than this tho

  7. this reflects the korean culture, a extremely critical & judgemental culture. its also the reason why suicide rates are so high in south korea when these poor souls buckle under the pressures of such society when people is extremely critical on anything everything from your appearance to what they see on tv. surely the pd and the broadcast station will not be dumb enough to send the rm team into potential danger. brainless critics.

  8. wth with these people. even though it's scary, but it is once a life time experience. They would never regret they go through all of these, in fact today they might be very proud with themselves that they able to try all of these activities and one day they would brag it to their children. Great things never came from a comfort zone. I love how this PD always challenging RM members and always make sure all the activities are safe.
    They should check Dahee and Sangyeob Instagram, they post a lot of behind the scene pictures and all the members seems super happy like a group of best friends on vacation.
    I kinda feel sad when this project is finish. I will miss Dahee, Sangyeob, HJY and hanna.

  9. went too far ?? i think the criticism that went too far.. do they want every week penalty to be water shower ? what so new & exciting about that :v

  10. really love the episode but i hope they dont do punishment that are risky. We never know when will an accident may happen.

  11. I think the punishment is too harsh for the cast members for this previous episode of the running man show that i explian at the example of my aplogy of this messages to you that i have feelings about a thoughts

  12. but RM nowadays quite boring i think compared to the old PD. its less opening gimic, the game also boring. i can see cast member also didnt like so much about it. too many penalty.

  13. omaigaddd…if it were me i wouldnt adressed the wing walking as a punishmentt…thats a precious moment seriously tht u wont have the same chance to do tht..knetz is suckks!!!

  14. Well for me, its best episode, the member have experience with it,, maybe its look scary, but beautiful with awesome views, i thought they can release they stress with that,. why some netizen always have negative thinking

  15. The punishment for Lee Kwang Soo in my opinion is too much..the production need to review the Lee Kwang Soo punishment and hope that it will never happen again

  16. Running man is not like it used to be like ripping nametag and other games so they all everyone still did their best to come up for us viewer to be entertain i mean i bet there might be far worse than running man show. They even tried it before them. Atleast everyone get to experience and they so busy as well who knows they dont have time to travel as well. Be glad guys that did show still go on

  17. It's not really a punishment tho. It's nore like a memory to cherish during their lifetime. If you ask me, Team Switzerland's was more like a punishment because they have to pay for their awesome activities with their money. Although, if you ask me, I believe the production still payed for it behind the scenes.

  18. Viewer can only criticise lol, do you know how much budget they paid for these episodes ? remember they have to paid for all of the staff from acommodation foods drinks etc, and do you think they didn't have meeting first with the members for the punishment ?? Okay so they gone to england and say oh wait wait this is too harsh how about we punish you with water bucket challenge or whatever it is.. seriously ?? Viewers ??? Haters ?? So what if they gone to wingwalk ? It's unique activity, haunted hotel ?? It's unique activity so why they do this ?? Because of you international viewers… why they did international activity because the market is international the koreans didn't give a shit about them anymote.. Back then you didn't let them stop the program and now you criticise every little thing they do..
    Go f*ck yourself

    Just support them from pd to members what so hard with that???? if you can't just shut up.. retards

  19. If punishment lightly, you will be boring..That why PD give something extreme so that people looking forward to the scene..

  20. Lol what a joke….I would like to have that kind of punishment…what is wrong with that??? The RM member may be scared but to try something new…It worth a try….just look at lee da hee how she enjoyed it….even at haunted house…suk jin slept peacefully….haters will always be haters…..only keyboard warriors….shame on u haters….F2F with PD if u have guts…..RM fighting:-)

  21. U cant make everyone happy.. thats how life work.. there is nothing we can do about it, except just let the haters doin whatever they want and we just didnt give a sh*t about that.. simple..

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