RENDER TIME SHOWDOWN: Premiere Pro CC 2017 vs Vegas Pro 14

The age-old YouTube debate: Adobe Premiere Pro vs. Vegas Pro. Which is better? In this video, we tackle render time differences and see which will render faster.

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Edited w/ Premiere Pro CC:

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32 Replies to “RENDER TIME SHOWDOWN: Premiere Pro CC 2017 vs Vegas Pro 14”

  1. 7:06 did you try setting the render path to your NVME SSD on the preferences in the internal section when you press shift and click on preferences?

  2. Does anyone know if rendering to another hard drive results in faster render times if this is a networked drive? Connected over a gigabit connection.

  3. Mad respect for putting the answer in the first minute of the video. I respect you as a content creator so I made sure to watch the entire video!:)

  4. You could just say you're Canadian and that you're saying, "Cache, eh?"

    Fantastic video. Vegas at work renders faster than premiere at home. But neither of us has amazing setups. That's why I was curious. Great video.

  5. 7:03 it's not hard to change location of files to be stored in vegas, it's pretty easy to get the hang of it if you know how to work your way through the internal tab in preferences and so on in other options that's in the main screen.

  6. My VEGAS pro 15.0 vs Premiere rendering experience: Premiere gives bad quality on dark videos and render time is 3x more than vegas. Vegas produces better quality on dark areas also. Yes, both are tested various "best" with internets instructions. VEGAS 15.0 takes the cake in rendering and quality for me =/

  7. You should give Vegas Pro 16 a try as GPU acceleration was really improved and there is a nice new Render format in Vegas Pro 16.

  8. Fuck Adobe Premiere, it has some weird shady shit in it. I found out you cant simply fully uninstall, they always have some background processes up. Also another thing which is mostly my fault because I didn't take care and read but still pissed me off is the fact they have a contract when you sign up for their monthly plans and you have to pay to cancel if you want to cancel before the end of it.

  9. 1:52 whats the name of your windows theme and icon set?
    looks very flat and clean. i like that 😀

    btw, nice video. it helped me for my decision.

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