RED FLAGS FROM NICK JONAS & PRIYANKA: How To Stop Being Jealous Of Perfect Couples!

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47 Replies to “RED FLAGS FROM NICK JONAS & PRIYANKA: How To Stop Being Jealous Of Perfect Couples!”

  1. You guys should stop judging her and hating on her videos! The only thing she is doing is helping people to stop down grading themselves and compare themselves to other which we all do! This is only spreading self confidence all round!! Sure made me feel better! Good on you babe! Love your videos! Keep up the good content 💖💖💖💖💖💖

  2. She’s coming off really salty and spreads negativity in almost all her videos. Being a woman and dragging other woman down is just downright disgusting and pathetic.

  3. Since you are just vomiting out your speculations without any references I just want to say, your top is literally vomit. Yuck. Ew. Gross. Jealous, demented woman that's all that you are.

  4. I think she's way too jealous of Priyanka Chopra and Megan Markle. Well it's obvious she's nothing compared to them.

  5. Saying priyanka was not previously famous… girl. There are so many people criticizing you that you claim to be “hate” messages and that these engagements help your channel grow. But my point is: can you really pass these off as such when the reality is that you refuse to fix your ideologies? How long can you keep lying to yourself

  6. Priyanka Chopra is VERY famous, she didn't need to marry Nick for that. She has been an A-list celebrity for a VERY long time in India and now in America, please educate yourself. She is an extremely talented actress who worked for her success for YEARS. Stop bringing down strong, independent women like this, it's so distasteful. Calling their relationship icky when there's videos and tweets of you thirsting over young boys is so hypocritical. I had watched a few of your videos on Taylor Swift and didn't like your vibe then. Now after the whole D Angelo situation, please just get some help, so much vile negativity is making my head ache.

  7. And this, my friends is a woman talking with the mouth of a 12 year old- and minding other people's businesses.

  8. You toxic woman…
    Priyanka Chopra was a miss World 2000@age of 17.
    Bollywood superstar
    Net worth more than Jones brothers TOGETHER
    Working for UNICEF forever
    Got 10 homes in india
    And cars
    Awards: national award for best actress, knighted in india, adopted more than 50 girls from a village and paying for their education.
    And money …. even her parents were doctors, she come from a hard working background.
    Achieved so much in life.
    AND how are you?
    A cheap, gossip monger, sitting in your room renting about her.
    You creep her shoes are more expensive than your house,bank and social life,if you have any.

  9. I don't get it..
    Why people here are fighting over…who benefitted the more..from the marriage.

    It's none of anyone's business…
    If They are happy with each other…
    And this disgraceful person , whom I just came across..talking shit not only about our BTS but ..every other…celeb…
    I never knew her before..

  10. Are you okay lol priyanka was a celebrity in a Country with 1,2 billion people.. she was so big and also an excellent actress that Hollywood got her attention. These couple millions that came through hollywood were just the sprinkles on top of her Achievements 😂she was a leadrole in a tv show in the US before they met so calm down buddy haha

    so much wrong information and I usually only like to comment when there is something awesome to say. But I laughed so its positive enough haha thats a really invalid statement but okay whatever fits your narrative to gain views I guess 😂

  11. Why do you think you know everything about celebs? Do you have any degree in psychology? Don't think so
    Your whole altitude is A HUGE RED FLAG GIRL like th way you talk about people you don't know… The mean energy in the way you talk
    Like you talk so fast and angrily
    Plz stop

  12. Such an ignorant person! I'm an Indian.. Priyanka is no B lister. She is a BIG STAR. Shaming her for being friends with meghan markle and categorizing her as a wannabe shows your worth as a woman and human. It is easier to pull a woman down than to build her up. Sorry to say – but I feel for your subscribers. They would be expecting some quality content, only to be served trash.

  13. I feel like the whole story was rolled out for her career. She had a show but she was not really known….suddenly she's invited to Meghan's markle wedding…she did more interviews about that and then suddenly her wedding is on the front of people…and has it's own special….it was wierd and they just don't look like they fit together.

  14. I don't like Priyanka but don't say she got her fame from a man. She worked for it. That really sucks for how far women have come.

  15. Yassss Shallon!! Thank you! For the comparison with Meghan, she and Prinak are 2 fake wannabe Hollywood stars. And her marriage with Nick is just yucky

  16. Shallon,you speak on insecurities but this message comes off as insecure. You can tell about lessons to be learned without bashing people's lives. The delivery methods are cynical,degrading and the end message gets lost. One could say,you are a divorcee,one minute single,one minute in a relationship,one minute dating 20 year olds… can be perceived 6568975 ways. Humble yourself because big words do not mean blameless. #js.

  17. Even you literally said that you had to think so hard what to criticize about them. All of your videos are full of hate and speculations about people’s life you know nothing about. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t give a fuck about Nick and Pryanka but this just seems like high school gossip and just very jealous and sour…I don’t think you are jealous of them irl, I think you are just talking shit for views. I watched a couple of videos but it gets so boring after a while. You talk about positivity but you talk shit about every fucking one. These are the people I try to stay away from in real life. Even if you do is just for views, it says a lot about your character.

  18. This video was a weird vibe. Sensing uppers and high school vibes. Shallon your breakdowns are usually classier and mature. And I didn’t even know these two were together and I don’t pick up any vibes other than he’s gay and she’s his cover.

  19. Definitely a cringey couple😬
    Pri looks like a teacher, Nick looks like a little teen trying to impress his teacher.

  20. I agree that nick is a fuckboy he always came across as smug and slimy but when it comes to them as a couple all of your arguments are based on the promise that they DO have serious problems and theres just no way we can know that for sure

  21. I think that a lot of your videos make some good points but going after someones teeth.. c'mon, that's so unnecessary!

  22. So, let’s dissect this: older woman, always sitting in an aesthetically ‘sterile’ room, alone, vocabulary of a 12 yr old girl, foul mouth and spits venom about everything and anything with baseless speculation…and who’s messed up?

  23. The video should be how not to be jealous but all I see is jealousy and a limited voculablary which includes gross, grossss, grossssss. You need help girl. Also the women you are talking about is global star, UNICEF ambassador, Miss World, one of top paid successful actor, a proud independent millitary kid, pride of India. Yes you don't her you will never know it because of your tiny narrow mind. She is worth billions and is more then her husband. So next time get some actual facts to say not your own mind stories. Dhanyawad 🙏

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