Poised For Exit Update | Julie Keyes

Club E will be joined for a discussion by Author, Podcast Producer and Exit Strategy Consultant Julie Keyes.
You can order her book now on Amazon!
Event Summary:
We will be discussing her new book and podcast content and purposes.
1. To be an initial resource for business owners to become educated on how to prepare for an eventual transition. What is involved, when and who.
2. To be a Lead Generation tool for advisers to help warm up prospects and clients so they understand the need to take action vs sitting on their thumbs.

Learning Objectives:
1. Learn how will the book and podcast help business owners
2. Learn how will the book and podcast help advisers
3. Learn how important it is now more than ever for owners to take action with the help of advisers along the way

About Julie:
Julie speaks and instructs at a national level on the topics of Exit and Transition Planning. As a Certified Exit Planning Advisor (CEPA) with more than 28 years’ experience in business planning, development and management, she has plenty of stories to share that her audiences can relate to, whether they are business owners or the advisers who represent them. They learn from and are engaged by the content she delivers and at a very actionable level. She also produces a Podcast show called “Poised for Exit” that follows the book she wrote of the same name, that helps business owners plan for a successful business transition.

Business Strategy: Her years of experience in business ownership and management have provided her with the kind of hands-on knowledge that is earned over time and gives her a unique edge when working with her business owner clients or speaking to groups. She specializes in Growth Strategy and Exit Planning for business owners with revenues of $5-30M.

Exit Planning: Having her as your Exit Planner, means you have a CEPA and faculty member for the Exit Planning Institute working at your side. She’s committed to every client’s successful, lucrative exit. No one works forever and planning your transition takes more time that you think. Don’t try to DIY. She also teaches and speaks to professional advisers from across disciplines on the subject of Exit and Transition Planning so they can be better educated in the Exit Planning Process. Her approach to the process of exit and transition planning is always collaborative. She believes that every owner needs a trusted team of advisers from across disciplines to obtain the best possible exit or transition outcome.

For Speaking schedule and Information, Business Owner Exit Planning or Business Strategy Advice, email or call:

Julie@keyestrategies.com or 763-350-5563

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3 Replies to “Poised For Exit Update | Julie Keyes”

  1. Thank you for the video. This is really of great help since transition is really challenging. Coming from a credible speaker, I somehow figured out of how to handle things in a more positive way.

  2. su libro es el mejor me ayudo con mi asesoría de mi empresa, y también su programa. me ayudo con la planificación de transicion comercial con exito, se los recomiendo!!

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