Places to visit in Singapore

Top Tourist Attractions in Singapore + Extras! It has been recorded early 2017 and I’ve structured it in a travel preview/sample format for people who plan to visit (and not only) to get an idea of what they can expect to see and do here.


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36 Replies to “Places to visit in Singapore”

  1. Very nice video..we like your content.. we have added our own list as well..please check out and let us know your thought on this.
    Thankyou all for your support.

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  3. You didn't show Haw par Villa(The Tiger Balm Garden) … My childhood memories are there…it means.. This isn't a main attraction now…That will be a local attraction..i can guess 😭but I will definitely visit here in next two years ..
    Thank you so much for showing this video 🙏🙏😊

  4. WOW ! That’s very cool ! Great job! I also have a travel channel, right here:

  5. No chance to comment badly sg is clean and green looks so beautiful for visiting one of the best country and fastly developed country and economy is very good they will developed themselves they won't depend on others.and the rulers of the sg they think development of sg

  6. I’m Latif from Ghana but currently in UAE 🇦🇪. I love to travel to new places. Have been in Russia, Turkey, Egypt and Morocco. My next Target is Singapore but before that I need a Singapore friend doesn’t matter a male or female.

  7. Nice place. Your new friend here in the Philippines is supporting your community. Looking forward to support our little community too. God bless😊

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