Pep Guardiola "Lyon are one of the toughest sides I've ever faced" | Post-match interview

Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola hails Lyon after the Ligue 1 outfit held his side to a 2-2 draw in the Champions League.

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34 Replies to “Pep Guardiola "Lyon are one of the toughest sides I've ever faced" | Post-match interview”

  1. Les francais sont bon quand les match se joue sur un match sec comme en coupe du monde , c est pas pour rien qu on est champion du monde 😎

  2. Will be interesting to see if he va get anywhere near the level his barca side got to without the protection of the officials.. His barca side had a big help

  3. wow liverpool united and chelsea started leaking on google about buying some Lyon players
    still looserfool seperated and shisea eont reach our chit

  4. ManCity fan is here. Let us be honest. City were exposed against fast paced football with physically strong opposition. And they were lucky as Lyon has had 3 super clear chances when they should have scored (and a couple more half-chances). The fair score should have been 3:1/4:1. This is worrying. With this type of a slip being a real thing it is unlikely that they can beat BM, PSG Juve or even Napoli (let alone Barca).

  5. I never liked his football , tiki taka n taka tiki , when he first start with Messi and company it was better now all the other places he is been its just a ugly copy of that Barca . I really hope Liverpool wins the league this year but this year even Liverpool its playing best football.

  6. No it’s just ur refusal to start foden and instead start a structurally dysfunctional team instead mad Lyon look world class, when they rly aren’t! All u had to do was start foden and Delph, definitely not start mahrez and zinchenko!

  7. It's funny how fans of other clubs which barely could beat Young Boys or lost to Red Star Belgrad, are here talking about Manchester City's Champions League qualities. Every big team suffers now and than. Like Bayern to Ajax or Real to Moscow. But City is not allowed to drew with a strong Lyon side.

  8. Very good game from City they have managed to get a draw i didn't expect such good resistance.
    City have some decent players Lyon should consider signing some of them, Laporte, Sané, Mahrez…

  9. The day he takes a team like Fulham or Sevilla and wins the league then he will be immortal right now he is just Fraudiola.

  10. Man City is crushing the prem, but still yet manage a single win against a team from farmer's ligue. What an irony.

  11. Nah mate your club is too small for the CL, Real Madrid used to suffer to Lyon. Simply Lyon is the bigger club in your group

  12. Man City is like a pub stomper team. When they play in the elite competitions it really is a marked difference. Fair enough they beat Shakhtar 6-0 but it was only last year they lost 2-0 to Shakhtar.

  13. 99% of comments are people comparing liverpool and city

    1% of comments are people saying 'pep is bald' now u dont need to read comments 🙂

  14. Pretty sure he'll try and sign Ndombele after that stunning performance.. De Jong is gifted, but City needs someone physical like Ndombele for the PL..

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