Pep Guardiola: Full Tactical Breakdown – Secrets Behind Success REVEALED (Basic & Advanced Tactics)

In-depth analysis revealing the tactics behind Pep Guardiola’s success at FC Barcelona, FC Bayern München, and Manchester City FC. Josep “Pep” Guardiola Sala is considered to be one of the greatest managers of all time. He’s the current manager of the current Premier League champions, Manchester City. This video includes a full tactical breakdown of his play-style, from basic to advanced.

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43 Replies to “Pep Guardiola: Full Tactical Breakdown – Secrets Behind Success REVEALED (Basic & Advanced Tactics)”

  1. Sir, we want part by part tactics. Role of defender, midfielders and strikers. How they move and create space for team mates.

  2. You will most likely not answer but where do you find full length matches to download / review? It's hard to find specific full length matches

  3. Skaut i analitičar sa višegodišnjim iskustvom u Super ligi Srbije u potrazi za novim klubom. Poznajem perfektno fudbal u Srbiji, Hrvatskoj, Bosni i Crnoj Gori! Kontaktirajte me! Sportski pozdrav

  4. I've used all this tactics mentioned in pes mobile while playing with l roman(pep)somehow evolved to do this. I've playing with him since the beginning of the pes mobile. I love him very much. Lost many maches. Friends told me he is the worst manager.But still hung up with him. Now i beat everyone of my friends with 3-4 goals leads. Great analytics by the way. I realized how pes has got so much importance for tactics. Its pretty much same as real football. Even the loop hole in pep's defence mentioned is same as that i experienced. High balls is the main weakness in peps defence. I have to draw the goalkeeper forward to defend as mentioned in the video. Thank you by the way

  5. where are you man?i miss your vids!after every big CL game i come to your channel to check have you uploaded!please start uploading again

  6. Mr Tactial Hub. Where are you sir? You are truly missed. I hope your absence for the last 7 months is purely down to the fact that you are now a well-deserves football manager….

  7. Hey man I get ur going through some stuff and I hope it gets better but leaving ur fans hanging without an answer is not cool. I’ll be waiting

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